2023 American Public Service Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the remarkable recipients of the American Public Service Scholarship! In these challenging times, where the call for dedicated public servants is more urgent than ever, we are proud to honor individuals who embody the spirit of service and altruism.

Now more than ever, our nation requires skilled individuals committed to public service. While the allure of high-compensation digital jobs may be strong, we must not overlook the significance of public service careers. These careers provide an opportunity to serve communities, effect positive change, and find fulfillment in contributing to the greater good.

We believe that students interested in fields such as teaching, law enforcement, and public health epitomize the American ethos of service to others. These professions demand rigorous study, sacrifice, and a profound sense of altruism to enact meaningful change in society. It is imperative that we nurture and support the next generation of public servants, empowering them to shape the future of our nation.

To encourage aspiring public servants across the nation, our law firm is honored to present the American Public Service Scholarship. This scholarship aims to inspire students to pursue careers in public service, recognizing the vital role they play in building a better future for all.


2023 Winner: Sinporion Phuong

2023 American Public Service Scholarship Winner Sinporion PhuongBorn and raised in Riverside, California, Sinporion Phuong is a shining example of dedication and passion for public service. A graduate of UC Berkeley with honors in Sociology and Legal Studies, Sinporion is currently pursuing his legal education at UC Davis School of Law. With a fervent commitment to criminal justice reform, Sinporion aspires to ensure equal representation for all individuals, regardless of their background or financial status.

In his free time, Sinporion enjoys spending quality moments with his girlfriend, indulging in Netflix cooking and reality shows, and caring for his beloved pet chihuahua and two newly adopted cats.

Reaction Statement: 

Thank you!! I am absolutely ecstatic for the financial support provided by Walter Clark Legal Group. I came to law school on the path of public service, and coming from a low-income background has brought some financial struggles on this journey. I am incredibly honored and grateful for this generosity and appreciate attorneys paving the path forward for upcoming professionals dedicated to serving the public. It is this continued support from others that I am able to pursue my passion of helping others in the criminal justice system


2023 Winner: Abigail Falkowski

2023 American Public Service Scholarship Winner Abigail FalkowskiAbigail Falkowski’s journey into public service began in Palm Desert, California, where she was instilled with the values of compassion and service by her mother. Her formative years in Redding and attendance at La Quinta High School equipped her with a deep understanding of the importance of helping others.

Abigail’s involvement in programs such as the Public Service Academy and Air Force JROTC further fueled her passion for serving her community. Currently pursuing a diverse range of degrees at the College of the Desert, Abigail aspires to become a lawyer focused on combating child abuse and human trafficking as an attorney with the FBI.

Reaction Statement: 

I was shocked beyond words because I know this is a nationwide scholarship, which I am sure stirred thousands of qualified applicants to apply. Thus, I was pleasantly surprised that, from all these individuals, Walter Clark chose me for this honor. After jumping for joy with my mom and celebrating this wonderful blessing, humility and gratitude consumed my heart for Walter Clark’s decision to make such a significant difference in my life. No words could ever adequately express how grateful I am for Walter Clark’s generosity. If it were not for wonderful people like him, I would never have been able to attend college. Likewise, I would never have had the courage and confidence to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer, thereby having the opportunity to pursue my ultimate passion for serving those who do not have a voice of their own. 

Walter Clark’s generous gift has helped me to be able to dream bigger than I thought possible. And it has also encouraged me to continue shooting for the stars! So, all that is left for me to say is “Thank you, Walter Clark,” from the depths of my heart for being the hands, the feet, and the heart of Jesus in my life. “Thank you” for believing in me and investing in my future. From this day forward, all my victories will be your victories!

Walter Clark Legal Group

Walter Clark Legal Group

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