Wedding Season Woes: Limousines Forego Safety for Luxury

Traveling in a limousine usually brings to mind the excitement of a wedding, prom or other special occasion. What is less likely to come to mind is the danger associated with riding in a limo. An accident that took place last wedding season, killing four women, highlights the tragic consequences of forgoing safety for luxury.

Eight young women were traveling in a Lincoln Town Car in Long Island, NY, out celebrating an upcoming wedding, when their vehicle was broadsided by a pickup truck, sending the passengers on the left side of the car flying across the cabin. Three women died almost instantly and a fourth died at the hospital. Six other people were injured in the collision.

The accident brings to light the issue of safety in limousines and other entertainment buses, which get around laws requiring seatbelts and side-curtain airbags through a loophole in the law. Commercial vehicles with perimeter seating or that contain fewer than eight forward-facing seats are exempt from meeting the normal safety requirements issued by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Limousines, large party buses and some shuttle buses are among vehicles that fit into this exemption.

The exemption borders on absurdity when you consider that one in four accidents involving stretch limos are side collisions. The Center for Auto Safety says it has tried for years to bring attention to the issue with little traction. We wonder how many incidences it will take to convince federal regulators to take a hard look at the law and make some long-needed changes.  

“We don’t know if these women would still be alive if there were seatbelts and airbags in that vehicle, but the statistics show they would have had a better chance,” said Attorney Walter Clark, founder of Walter Clark Legal Group.

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