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Amanda Monroy

Amanda Monroy

Amanda is an Assistant Case Manager at Walter Clark Legal Group. Amanda enjoys the outdoors such as hiking, going to national parks, museums, volunteering, and spending time with family. Her background in law began as a legal advocate, she has years of experience preparing and completing legal documents for civil cases. Additionally, Amanda provided court advocacy and has extensive knowledge in the grief handling process for individuals who are victims. She has provided case management and advocacy services for homeless, at-risk youth, runaway teenagers, and domestic violence victims. She is a certified Trauma Informed Care specialist, and has a reputation for successfully alleviating additional stress for clients and providing emotional support and guidance throughout their case and in court proceedings. Amanda shares that she enjoys working at Walter Clark Legal Group, as it is a company that fosters a welcoming environment and offers resources providing optimal support at one of the most difficult times in our client’s lives. She is passionate about giving back and admires the company values and community involvement. She also shares that she is honored to work amongst some of the most hardworking advocates, who dedicate themselves daily to help those experiencing personal injury. As your Assistant Case Manager, she is dedicated to helping ease the case process, navigate the way towards your path to recovery and is determined to get you the best compensation for your losses.

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