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Aubree Enriquez

Aubree Enriquez

Aubree was born and raised in Palm Desert, California and is proud to call this area home. Due to her deep roots in the community, she has always strived to give back. In her early teens, Aubree was involved in the community and decided to further better herself by attending College of the Desert. Along with the knowledge, she gained she also acquired a deep desire to help others. She first decided to pursue the medical field and went on to become an administrative assistant at Eisenhower Medical Center. While she enjoyed the impact she made there, she felt she could make an impact in the legal field as well. Aubree shares that by joining the Walter Clark Legal Group, she has fulfilled her vision and promise to herself, to make a change in her hometown. Aubree feels that the goals of the company directly align with her own desires to serve and provide for her community.

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