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All employees have a right to a workplace that is free from discrimination against them, which includes acts of sexual harassment and other forms of gender-based discrimination. However, knowing how to defend your rights after an isolated or repeated sexual harassment event can be daunting.

A Palm Springs workplace sexual harassment lawyer at Walter Clark Legal Group could provide valuable guidance and insight in these cases through their understanding of the California laws and protections available to employees. We discuss some of these rights below and explain the legal process for bringing your employer and abuser to justice, including the pursuit of owed compensation and other remedies for your damages.

Examples of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

California prohibits workplace sexual harassment under the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, the state’s Fair Employment and Housing Act, and related regulations. Examples of misconduct that may constitute sexual harassment in Palm Springs could include the following:

  • Displaying sexual objects
  • Unwanted sexual advances
  • Leering and inappropriate gestures
  • Other unwanted physical or verbal acts
  • Retaliation after rejecting sexual advances
  • Discriminatory comments, including slurs and jokes
  • Solicitations or arrangements involving quid pro quo

Sexual harassment could come from a co-worker, supervisor, business owner, client, customer, or another person in your workplace setting. Whether certain acts are sexual harassment that create a hostile work environment and warrant legal action can be a difficult analysis. It often depends on various contextual factors to determine the severity and pervasiveness of the misconduct. For example, the relevant facts in your case may include the nature of the harassment, the frequency, and the relationship between the involved parties. A single event could constitute sexual harassment, while other cases may focus on repeated offenses that establish a hostile work environment.

The Legal Process for Workplace Sexual Harassment Claims

You can file a complaint for workplace sexual harassment in Palm Springs through the Civil Rights Department of the State of California. There are several options for submitting an intake form that specifies the relevant facts and information about the harassment, including the contact information of your assailant. The Department will review the complaint and may conduct additional investigation processes.

Afterward, the Department will send notice of its decision to either accept or decline the case for further proceeding, which could include mediation or filing a lawsuit. While a lawyer is not necessary to file a claim to the Civil Rights Department, it is an independent body, and skilled legal counsel may be helpful in representing your interests during the process. Before this claim process, you may also obtain a Right-to-Sue Notice from the Department, which enables you to file a lawsuit in California with your lawyer. There are different considerations for choosing the claim process that best fits your goals and is a decision our experienced Palm Springs workplace sexual harassment attorneys could help you make.

Potential Damages in a Workplace Sexual Harassment Case

California allows several types of civil remedies for your damages as a victim of workplace sexual harassment. For example, the following items could be available in a case:

  • Hiring or reinstatement
  • Monetary awards for back pay, emotional distress, and other injuries
  • Changes in the employer’s policies and practices for sexual harassment
  • Other costs, expenses, and hardships incurred because of the sexual harassment

Meet With a Palm Springs Workplace Sexual Harassment Attorney

Our firm understands the difficult position of employees who suffer from workplace sexual harassment. You may have concerns about future employment and other matters related to your well-being by filing a claim.

A Palm Springs workplace sexual harassment lawyer at Walter Clark Legal Group is sensitive to these issues and could help you decide an approach to resolve your dispute that aligns with your overall goals and desires. California has several filing deadlines for sexual harassment claims, which is why it is important to meet with an attorney as soon as possible after an incident to determine which time limitations may apply in your case. Call today for a free case review.

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