Personal Injury Attorney Case Results

Case Results


Paid when a loose propane tank on I-10 exploded under our client’s vehicle, sending it off the freeway.


Paid when our client’s husband was killed by an 18-wheeler going into an intersection from a side street.


For a victim of a reckless truck driver who had many prior citations and ran a red light.


Paid to a student who was in a bus that was struck head-on by an 18-wheeler.


For a husband and wife who were rear-ended by a school bus at North Indian and Highway 62.


Paid for the death of a woman in a disabled vehicle struck by a truck on I-10.


Paid to our client who was t-boned at SR-22 and Highway 86 when the other driver ran a red light.


Paid when a bar served alcoholic beverages to a minor who drove into our motorcycle-riding clients while under the influence.


For a client struck by a tow truck in a hurry on Frank Sinatra in Rancho Mirage.


Paid to our client who was standing next to a boat on a trailer and was struck by a driver who was driving into the sun.


Paid when a driver on East Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs ignored a red light.


Paid to our client who was rear-ended by a landscaping truck at Varner and Washington.


Paid to our client when another driver turned left in front of our client on Highway 111 in Cathedral City.


For a bicyclist on a residential street struck by his neighbor entering from her driveway.


For a client who was struck head on Highway 74.


Paid to our client who was t-boned at Cathedral Canyon and East Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs by a driver who ignored a red light.


For a shuttle driver struck from behind by an 18-wheeler.


For our client who was stricken by a drunk driver who rolled the car.


For a lady in a crosswalk on Alessandro leaving Albertsons in Palm Desert.


For a woman who fell downstairs where there was no handrail.


Paid to our client who was stranded in Palm Springs while turning into the Mercedes dealership.


For a couple rear-ended by a drunk driver at Cook Street and Highway 111 in Indian Wells.


Paid to a tow truck driver clipped while attempting to provide aid on I-10.


For a client who was clipped from behind on I-10 and sent out of control.


Paid for a severe impact of our client’s car when struck by a drunk driver.


Paid to a patron who tripped at a fancy Palm Springs restaurant.


Paid when a driver ran a red light at Center Drive in La Quinta injuring our client.


Paid to a gentleman hit by a speeding driver who rear-ended our client and pushed him into a wall in Rancho Mirage.


Paid to a sleeping passenger in a car which was hit by a big rig that ran a red light at Avenue 62 and Highway 86.


Paid to an employee of a subcontractor who was injured by faulty equipment.


For our client in an off-road vehicle which flipped.


Paid as a result of a rear-end collision on Camino Real in Palm Springs.

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