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Seemingly small things can cause complicated and painful injuries to victims of fall accidents. A carton of milk spilled in the aisle of a grocery store, an extension cord left lying in the hallway, and a blown light bulb in an alley can all cause serious injuries when someone slips and fall. All of these injuries could have been avoided if the owner of the premises had properly warned patrons of these situations.

Property owners are responsible for providing a safe, hazard-free environment for visitors, customers, and employees. When potentially harmful situations occur, it is their duty to know about them and adequately warn visitors. If you have been hurt in a tripping accident, contact a Coachella Valley slip and fall lawyer. A personal injury attorney at Walter Clark Legal Group will fight for the compensation you deserve for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

A slip and fall injury may seem minor at first, but a fall can cause broken bones, severe bruising, and even require extensive surgery, like a hip or knee replacement. Victims suddenly have costly medical bills and prescriptions, which build up while they are out of work healing. The added stress on a family can be overwhelming, and negligent property owners should be held accountable.

Understanding Your Next Steps

The most important thing to prove in a trip and fall lawsuit is negligence on the part of the property owners. Unfortunately, owners can pull a “quick fix” and cover up the situation before it can be properly documented, making it hard to prove negligence. If at all possible, victims of a slip and trip accident should take pictures as soon as possible and document the conditions which caused their injuries. A seasoned slip and fall attorney in Coachella Valley could use that evidence in a claim for compensation.

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