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Drivers on the road assume a duty to protect all other travelers. While many believe this only applies to people in motor vehicles, the law says otherwise. When a person gets behind the wheel, they must protect every person they encounter, including people riding bicycles.

This means a person who suffers an injury while riding a bike that resulted from another person’s negligence has the right to demand compensation for their losses. This often includes the payment of medical bills, reimbursement for lost wages, and compensation for pain and suffering. Let a Victorville bicycle accident lawyer take the lead in your case. They could push for the payments you need to set things right while protecting you from aggressive insurance companies. A personal injury attorney is ready to support you through a claim.

A Driver’s Duty of Care Extends to Bike Riders

Any motor vehicle driver accepts a duty to protect others when they get behind the wheel. As a result, drivers must act appropriately to safeguard bicyclists they share the road with and those on sidewalks or bike lanes.

A dedicated attorney in Victorville could gather evidence necessary to prove fault for a bicycle crash and show a driver failed to keep a biker safe. This may include obtaining a police report, witness statements, dashcam footage, and photos of the damage to a bike and the vehicle in question. With this information, a legal representative could prove a driver was at fault for a collision and demand that they and their insurance company provide all necessary compensation.

Seeking Full Compensation within the Applicable Time Limits After a Bike Collision

All bike riders who suffer harm because of the actions of others deserve full compensation for their losses. However, California Code of Civil Procedure § 335.1 gives many people only two years from the date of a crash to demand these payments. As a result, it is important to gather evidence about an incident and connect a person’s injuries to the collision as soon as possible. A lawyer in Victorville could accurately evaluate an individual’s losses and demand fair compensation after a bike wreck. These losses typically include:

  • Medical bills for treatment from physical injuries.
  • Compensation for lost quality of life, including mental health concerns, pain, suffering, and lost time with loved ones
  • Reimbursement for lost wages

A skilled legal representative could fight for the full compensation every person deserves after being injured on their bike by a reckless driver. This includes demanding payments through insurance settlements and lawsuits, when necessary, to protect their legal rights.

Talk with a Victorville Bicycle Accident Attorney Now

Bike crashes can leave riders with severe and life-altering injuries. If another driver’s carelessness was the source of this incident, it is essential to act quickly to protect your legal rights. Evidence of fault can disappear, and insurance companies may try to blame you for the collision.

Hiring a Victorville bicycle accident lawyer to handle the case could be the answer. Our team could work with you to understand how the event has changed your life, prove that another driver caused the crash, and seek the payments you deserve. Speak with an attorney today to start your claim.

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