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Walking anywhere comes with risks. Perhaps the most visible and dangerous threats are drivers of cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles. Any collision between people on foot and cars, even at low speeds, can result in life-altering injuries. Despite this, the law never presumes a driver to be at fault for a collision. Injured pedestrians always bear the burden of proving a driver’s negligence was the primary cause of an incident. This requires a thorough investigation into the wreck and the ability to connect one’s losses to the collision.

A Victorville pedestrian accident lawyer could help you to prove both these concepts. They could take the lead in gathering evidence related to the crash, comparing that evidence to crucial concepts in state law, and demanding full payments for your losses from negligent drivers and their insurance companies. A personal injury attorney aims to recognize this event’s impact on you and your family and could take all the necessary steps to make your situation easier.

Establishing Fault Following a Pedestrian Incident

Every driver assumes an obligation under the law to protect others while behind the wheel. This duty extends to other motorists as well as people on foot. As a result, these drivers must follow all relevant rules of the road and operate their vehicles with appropriate caution. Failures in either of these areas mean a driver is at fault for a crash.

Proving this fault is always the responsibility of injured pedestrians. A pedestrian accident attorney in Victorville could gather information and use it to build a powerful case against negligent drivers. Evidence in these cases includes police reports, pictures and video from the scene, and witness statements. A skilled legal representative could perform the necessary investigations on behalf of injured individuals.

Proving How an Incident Impacted a Pedestrian

Just as injured pedestrians must prove fault for a collision, they must also demonstrate how the incident has changed their lives. This requires a full evaluation of the economic and emotional costs of the crash.

The physical injuries that resulted from the crash form the core of the compensation claim. These often include the costs of an ambulance ride, ER treatment, surgery, hospitalization, and physical rehabilitation. Legal counsel could act on behalf of parties to obtain the medical records and bills.

However, these incidents may impact more than just a person’s physical health. Wrecks could also put a person under immense emotional strain. It is common for victims to suffer nightmares, flashbacks, or other losses in their quality of life.

A lawyer in Victorville could take the lead in submitting comprehensive demands for compensation to all liable parties after a pedestrian collision. They are also ready to act quickly. California Code of Civil Procedure § 335.1 creates a time limit of two years following an injury to seek reimbursement. Retaining a legal advocate as soon as possible gives them the best chance of providing effective help.

Let a Victorville Pedestrian Accident Attorney Protect Your Legal Rights

All people who suffer harm because of the reckless choices of drivers have the right to secure fair compensation. This includes people on foot using sidewalks, crosswalks, or in parking lots. Still, the law never presumes fault for a collision, and you must prove another driver was to blame for the crash.

A Victorville pedestrian accident lawyer could take the required steps to prove this concept. They also strive to understand how an incident has impacted your life and to demand proper reimbursement from liable drivers and their insurance companies. Contact our team now to schedule a consultation.

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