Victorville Motorcycle Helmet Laws

The mild weather and scenery make motorcycles popular transportation in California. Riders must protect their safety and avoid traffic tickets by knowing state laws and using caution while cruising. While an accident driving any vehicle can leave you with injuries and other losses, motorcycles provide operators and passengers much less protection, leaving them vulnerable to life-altering injuries causing permanent disabilities or death.

Protecting yourself with the available safety gear can substantially reduce the severity and consequences of a motorcycle wreck. Speak to an experienced attorney at the Walter Clark Legal Group for more information about Victorville motorcycle helmet laws.

The Benefits of Wearing Motorcycle Safety Gear

Wearing motorcycle safety gear while riding can mean the difference between life and death. Manufacturers design motorcycle helmets to meet federal safety standards so they fit heads firmly, absorb the initial impact, and prevent objects from penetrating the skull.

According to the motorcycle operator safety information provided by the National Safety Council, riders wearing helmets are approximately 37 percent more likely to survive the crash than those who choose not to. Safety gear, including helmets, eyewear, boots, jackets, and gloves help prevent injuries, including:

Wearing the gear also protects riders from sun or wind burns and during poor weather conditions.

Helmet Regulations in California

Each state nationwide has laws regarding motorcycle safety gear, and failing to adhere to regulations could mean paying steep fines. Further, when Victorville crashes happen because of another motorist’s negligence, failure to wear approved headgear could negatively affect an injured biker’s claim for damages.

If the civil court determines that the rider’s bodily harm resulted from failing to wear a helmet, it could find the plaintiff responsible for those damages. Under the regulations provided by the California Vehicle Code § 27803, motorcycle operators and passengers must always wear approved helmets while riding. They must meet the legal requirements, including being federally approved and securely fastened to the individual’s head with straps to prevent movement. The law also applies to mopeds and motorized bikes.

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard

Not only is wearing a helmet important, but wearing one that fits correctly and complies with federal safety standards is also vital. Motorcycle operators and passengers must wear appropriate size and style headgear, complying with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. Everyone’s head is of different sizes and shapes, and determining which is suitable for the individual’s head ensures they enjoy the maximum amount of protection.

According to the guidance provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approved helmets will have DOT stickers on the back, verifying they meet the Federal Department of Transportation requirements. During an initial meeting, a Victorville lawyer could review the guidelines and requirements for motorcycle helmets.

Call a Victorville Attorney to Discuss State Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Ensuring you know the rules and responsibilities that come with riding a motorcycle is essential to prevent receiving citations and for your physical safety. Helmets meeting safety standards are an effective way to protect yourself while riding, and studies show they significantly decrease the risk of death in crashes. Complying with the rules and regulations is also crucial for collecting damages from the at-fault party after accidents.

During an initial consultation, a skilled lawyer could answer any questions you have about the Victorville motorcycle helmet laws. Call the Walter Clark Legal Group today to schedule a free meeting with a knowledgeable legal professional.

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