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Any person who visits the property of another has the right to expect they will remain safe. However, all too often, a landowner’s negligence puts visitors in danger resulting in injuries. Premises liability laws assess an owner’s actions to determine if they are responsible for an injury. These complex laws could frustrate an unrepresented plaintiff and result in reduced insurance settlements.

A Victorville premises liability lawyer could help you pursue an effective claim for compensation. A seasoned personal injury attorney could support and defend your rights during talks with defendant insurance companies.

What is a Premises Liability Claim?

The laws that place an obligation on landowners to protect guests on their land are straightforward compared to those in other states. Unlike other states that separate guests into multiple categories of protection, California state law requires all property owners to protect every guest on their land.

More specifically, California Civil Code § 1714 states all landowners and tenants on rented land must take ordinary care in maintaining the property. The law also indicates that any person injured because of an apparent failure on the part of a landowner must prove that an owner was careless in their actions. A knowledgeable lawyer in Victorville could provide more information about premises liability laws and take the lead in investigating the actions of an at-fault owner.

Common Examples of Premises Liability Accidents

A premises liability accident could involve any injury due to a danger on another party’s land. Perhaps the most common example is a slip and fall, where a failure to clear a temporary hazard causes a visitor to lose their footing and collapse to the ground.

However, premises liability cases could take on many other forms. Structural defects could cause a person to fall down a flight of stairs, or a loose handrail could put a person with mobility issues at a higher risk for injury. Landowners must supply adequate lighting in corridors and maintain proper fire exits. In some cases, an owner may even share liability for a criminal act if they did not provide appropriate security or locks on doors.

A premises liability attorney in Victorville could help demonstrate a landowner was liable after a specific incident. They could also help pursue these complicated cases on time. Per CA Code of Civ. Pro. § 335.1, people demanding compensation following an accidental injury may have as little as two years from the date of an injury. Contacting a legal representative gives an individual the best chance of filing a claim correctly.

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Sadly, Injuries that result from a landowner failing to maintain their property correctly are common. Not only must a landowner take appropriate steps to keep guests from harm, but they may even be liable to compensate for the criminal acts of others that occur on their land. Proving an owner at-fault for a premises liability claim could be a complex legal matter. Victims must demonstrate that a landowner failed to provide adequate protection. A successful claim against a property owner will prove they failed to provide adequate protection and are responsible for paying medical bills, emotional traumas, and lost wages.

A Victorville premises liability lawyer could work with you to explain your rights under the law and gather evidence that proves landowner fault. Working together, you could obtain the payments you need to recover. Contact a legal representative today to make an appointment.

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