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Whether you are shopping at a public store or visiting a friend, you have a right to protection from criminal activity to the fullest extent the landowner can manage. Unfortunately, not every property owner fulfills this obligation to their tenants and lawful visitors, leading to severe injuries.

If you were physically hurt in a criminal act that occurred on property owned or managed by someone else, that landowner might be civilly liable for your injuries. A Victorville negligent security lawyer could enforce that liability on your behalf. You could recover economic and non-economic losses through a case like this. A seasoned premises liability attorney’s assistance could be crucial to getting the compensation you deserve.

When is the Lack of Security Grounds for a Lawsuit?

Negligent security claims are a subtype of premises liability claims. This means holding a landowner legally liable for lack of security on their property requires proving they were reckless or careless in maintaining their property. An individual must also demonstrate an owner’s misconduct directly led to or allowed an injury to occur that—without said misconduct—likely would not have happened.

More specifically, legal representation builds most negligent security claims around foreseeability. This is the notion that a property owner should have been aware that a particular crime could happen on their property and taken reasonable steps to decrease the likelihood of such a crime hurting lawful visitors and tenants. Legal counsel generally establishes foreseeability by showing a particular crime had happened often in the area or on the property in question in the recent past. An attorney in Victorville could go into more detail about other methods of negligent security claims applicable under specific circumstances.

Recovering Fairly Inside Filing Deadlines

A landowner failing to take prudent steps to make a foreseeable crime less likely to happen may be legally liable for any injury a lawful visitor or tenant suffers. An owner could be responsible for paying an individual if they do not ensure public areas are well-lit, install security cameras, or hire private security personnel to keep others safe. Recoverable losses could include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost/damaged personal property
  • Lost work income and ability to work
  • Psychological trauma and distress
  • Physical pain and discomfort
  • Lost enjoyment/quality of life

As per California Code of Civil Procedure § 335.1, people injured in this way generally have two years at most after actually sustaining an injury in the first place to begin any litigation. Failing to file within this time limit will almost always leave an injured person with no legal recourse for any of their losses stemming from that particular incident. A negligent security lawyer in Victorville could ensure an individual files suit within this timeline.

A Victorville Negligent Security Attorney Could Help

Landowners have a duty to provide reasonably safe property conditions to all lawful visitors, including preventing foreseeable criminal activity as much as reasonably possible. If you have been injured through a criminal act because a landowner did not live up to this duty, you could have a right to demand financial recovery through a private settlement or a public civil lawsuit.

Representation from a Victorville negligent security lawyer could make a difference when securing a favorable final resolution. Call today to schedule a consultation with our team.

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