Motorcycle Defects and Recalls in El Centro

Motorcycles are immensely complicated machines that can stop working properly or even cause their riders to get into serious accidents while riding if just one component of their thousands of components is defective. Motorcycle manufacturing companies sometimes issue recalls for products they know to be defective in some way so they can address the problem and prevent further accidents from occurring.

Unfortunately, this kind of warning often comes too late to prevent dozens or even hundreds of people from being hurt by something they had no reason to suspect was dangerous—people who, because of the circumstances under which they got hurt, may have grounds for legal action. If you want to achieve a favorable result from a case involving motorcycle defects and recalls in El Centro, you will likely need the help of an experienced motorcycle injury attorney from Walter Clark Legal Group.

How Often Are Motorcycles Recalled for Serious Defects?

It is not uncommon for dozens of recall notices affecting thousands of motorcycles to be issued in an average calendar year. While that represents only a fraction of the millions of motorcycles manufactured in the same time frame, it is still enough to be of significant concern for riders across the country. Usually, motorcycle companies issue recalls either because of a serious flaw in a motorcycle’s design—which makes every unit unsafe in the same way—or because of a mistake made during manufacturing, resulting in a specific batch of units being unsafe.

Either way, a company that issues a recall notice for a motorcycle must take steps to notify every person who owns a motorcycle impacted by the recall and offer all those product owners a means of getting their defective motorcycle repaired or replaced at no additional charge. Any company that fails to meet all the legal criteria for a recall may still hold civil liability for an injury someone in El Centro suffers because of the defect in question.

Filing Suit Over an Injury Caused by a Defective Motorcycle

Lawsuits over injuries caused by product defects can be built around three distinct types of defects, two of which—design defects and manufacturing defects—are mentioned above. The third type of legally actionable defect, a marketing defect, does not come up much in cases involving motorcycles, since this sort of defect involves a manufacturer failing to provide sufficient warning about a product’s dangers, and motorcycles are generally understood to be potentially dangerous products even when used normally.

In addition to proving that an actionable defect existed, a product liability claim against a motorcycle manufacturer must also establish that the defect:

  • Existed when the product left its maker’s direct control
  • Was not created by someone other than the manufacturer tampering with the product
  • Directly caused the injuries and losses for which the claim is seeking restitution

Motorcycle companies may not be liable for injuries someone in El Centro suffers while using their motorcycle in an unreasonable or reckless way, even if that motorcycle was defective.

Learn More About Motorcycle Defects and Recalls from an El Centro Attorney

Even if a recall notice has gone out for your motorcycle, you may still be able to sue over an injury caused by the defect that the recall is about if you were hurt before being properly notified of the recall. No matter what, though, you will likely struggle to get fair compensation if you try to file a claim of this nature by yourself, especially given how much money motorcycle companies often dedicate to fighting product liability lawsuits.

The legal team at Walter Clark Legal Group could help you understand your legal options and take action over motorcycle defects and recalls in El Centro. Call today for a consultation.

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