El Centro Defective Products Lawyer

Consumers deserve to be protected from harm when using the goods they purchase from the public marketplace. While accidents can happen, there are legal options available when injuries stem from an unreasonably dangerous product.

When you suffer physical harm due to a product defect, a skilled personal injury attorney could help. The prospect of suing a major manufacturer might seem daunting, but experienced legal counsel could help you get the outcome you deserve. Discussing your options with an El Centro defective products lawyer could be in your best interest.

Products That Are Often Defective

There is the possibility of dangerous defects in every field of manufacturing. While any product that leads to an unreasonable risk of injury can serve as the basis for a lawsuit, certain products are more commonly defective than others. A defective products attorney in El Centro could pursue legal action regarding the following goods:

  • Medication
  • Food
  • Children’s toys
  • Clothing
  • Appliances
  • Industrial chemicals
  • Motor vehicles

Our team could explain any unique elements of a claim around a particular product.

Types of Defects

Not all defects are the same. In general, these issues fall into one of three major categories that include manufacturing, design, and marketing defects.

Manufacturing Defects

Many defects occur during manufacturing. While this term might imply that mistakes are made in a factory, they can occur at any point from the actual manufacturing until the product is in the hands of a consumer. These issues could result from errors at the factory, damage in transit, or improper storage at the retail level.

Design Flaws

Some goods are defective on the design level. In other words, a mistake by the designer rendered the entire product line unreasonably dangerous for the public, even when they follow the provided instructions.

Marketing Issues

This defect is related to the instructions and warnings in a product’s packaging. Injuries can occur when a product lacks injury warnings or guidance on how to use the product safely.

An attorney in El Centro could determine the type of product defect in a particular case.

Monetary Damages in Defective Products Cases

A defective products attorney in El Centro could help an injured person seek different types of financial compensation. The specific damages awarded in these cases will vary depending on the extent of the injuries and the nature of the defect.

When a plaintiff successfully sues a manufacturer, the damages they recover fall into one of two broad categories: economic and non-economic.

Economic damages provide a person with the resources needed to return them to the financial position they were in prior to their injury. These damages help recoup out-of-pocket expenses for things like medical bills or lost wages.

There is also an opportunity to recover non-economic damages. These subjective losses are not as easy to evaluate. There are no invoices or receipts that outline the value of a person’s pain and suffering or emotional distress. Thankfully, an attorney could make the case for what these damages are worth.

Learn How an El Centro Defective Products Attorney Could Help

When you suffer an injury due to a defective or dangerous product, you can pursue a case for compensation against the manufacturer. When successful, these lawsuits can pay for things like your medical bills or physical pain. Now is the time to discuss your options with an El Centro defective products lawyer. Reach out right away for a confidential consultation.

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