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Any injury that results in paralysis will have a permanent and devastating impact on an individual’s life. The loss of function in any of the body’s parts will force you to completely reimagine your life and often to rely on others for even basic tasks. Whenever these serious injuries result from another’s actions, you have the right to demand compensation. It does not matter if an incident that led to an injury stemmed from an intentional act or an accident; any harm that is another’s fault could be the basis for an injury claim.

A Victorville paralysis injury lawyer could help a person and their family collect the reimbursement needed to set things right. A catastrophic injury attorney could take the lead in the investigation, research the relevant laws, and protect you against aggressive insurance companies.

How a Paralysis Injury Could Occur

In general, any incident that could lead to an injury may result in paralysis. Even though it is likely that a defendant did not intend to cause paralysis, the law states harm that occurs because of another’s negligence is compensable, no matter how severe. Paralysis could result from:

An attorney in Victorville is ready to investigate the cause of a paralysis injury thoroughly. This includes building a powerful case against a defendant and connecting their negligence to a person’s condition. They do this with the state’s statute of limitations on injury cases in mind. According to California Code of Civil Procedure § 335.1, an injured person may have as short as two years after an incident to demand compensation for their losses.

The Medical Basis for a Paralysis Injury

Paralysis happens because of an injury to the section of the nervous system that controls bodily functions. This typically includes damage to the spinal cord or a portion of the brain.

Think of the spinal cord as the messenger for the brain. The brain sends a signal through the spinal cord to the legs or arms to perform a function. If an injury damages the spinal cord, it cannot carry the message, and the associated limb cannot move. The higher the harm to the spinal cord, the more severe the paralysis. An injury near the lower back may only affect the legs, while a neck injury may leave a victim unable to move any part of their body except their head.

Despite recent improvements in medical science, there is currently no way to reverse the effects of a paralyzing injury. Any injury to the spinal cord or brain is permanent. As a result, any case involving paralysis must demand compensation for not just past losses but also the anticipated future cost of treatment. A paralysis injury lawyer in Victorville could work to calculate those costs and demand appropriate compensation.

Contact a Victorville Paralysis Injury Attorney Immediately

Cases that involve paralysis are some of the most complex and emotional in injury law. You need to receive proper compensation for your past losses and estimated future comfort.

One way to collect this compensation is to ensure an injury case moves forward against negligent defendants. Whether the injury occurred after an intentional act of violence or an accident, these cases aim to secure the reimbursement needed to set things right.

A Victorville paralysis injury lawyer could take the lead in filing a claim. They could work tirelessly to gather the necessary evidence, protect you from aggressive insurance companies, and pursue a case with diligence and passion. Contact an attorney today to schedule a consultation.

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