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Few incidents will have as profound an impact on a person’s life as a car accident. These events have the potential to inflict severe physical injuries, jeopardize your ability to return to work, and devastate your quality of life. Whenever these accidents are another person’s fault, they must provide appropriate compensation. Still, collecting these payments requires proving fault for an accident and demonstrating how an incident has affected your life.

A Victorville car accident lawyer could help you with this process. A dedicated personal injury attorney is prepared to take the lead on your case so that you can focus on making your best recovery.

Demonstrating Fault Following a Car Crash

While it is true a driver owes a duty of protection to all other people on the road, the law will never presume fault for an accident. Instead, the burden lies on a crash victim to demonstrate how another driver’s actions were the cause of a wreck.

The state’s pure comparative negligence law makes proving another driver’s carelessness critical. According to Pfeifer v. John Crane, Inc. (2013) 220 Cal.App.4th 1270, courts hearing these cases must examine the actions of all people involved in car collisions and assign blame as they see fit. A knowledgeable lawyer in Victorville could further explain the concept of comparative negligence and how it affects demands for compensation following car crashes.

Seeking Fair Compensation from At-Fault Drivers

The law says that an at-fault motorist must provide full compensation to all people who suffer injuries because of their actions. It is as essential to show how a car accident has affected a person’s life as it is to assign blame for a collision. Accordingly, most damages following a vehicle wreck fall into one of three categories.

Reimbursement for Medical Bills

Almost every car crash case will revolve around physical harm. These could be incidents requiring only one trip to the ER or those resulting in permanent disabilities. After every accident, an at-fault driver or their insurance company must provide reimbursement for all treatment that a victim’s insurance does not cover. This could include:

  • An ambulance ride
  • Emergency room treatment
  • Surgery
  • Medications
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Chiropractic care

A legal representative will help victims gather relevant medical bills and records to prove the extent of their physical injuries and the related costs.

Lost Quality of Life

The effects on an individual’s emotional well-being are as significant as physical injuries from a car collision. It is not uncommon for injured people to experience flashbacks, nightmares, and other forms of trauma that reduce their quality of life. While placing a dollar value on these experiences can be challenging, a car wreck lawyer in Victorville could help individuals demand appropriate compensation.

Missing Income

In many situations, a vehicle crash results in an injury that jeopardizes a person’s ability to return to work. This could take the form of an injury that temporarily keeps a person off the job or situations where an incident caused a permanent disability. In either event, an at-fault driver is responsible for compensating victims for this lost income.

Contact a Victorville Car Accident Attorney Now

The law indicates that every driver must take appropriate actions to protect others. This includes following local traffic laws and keeping their attention on the road. When they fail to do this and an injury happens, they are liable for all resulting losses.

A Victorville car accident lawyer could explain relevant laws, gather necessary evidence, assist in measuring your losses, and demand compensation in and out of court. Speak with a legal representative now to start your claim.

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