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Some of the most common injuries that affect unsuspecting victims result from slips and falls. A single wet spot on a floor or loose piece of carpeting could cause a person to lose their balance and fall to the ground. These short falls could cause surprisingly severe injuries. It is not uncommon for trip and fall victims to break bones, separate joints, or suffer traumatic brain injuries. However, an injury occurring on another’s property is not enough for success in a claim for damages. It is necessary to show that an owner did not take reasonable steps to prevent that injury from happening.

A Victorville slip and fall lawyer may be able to help. A seasoned personal injury attorney could investigate the cause of a fall, determine if a landowner was negligent in allowing it, and form a demand package seeking fair compensation for a person’s losses.

Injuries that May Result from Slips and Falls

Slips and falls may appear to be minor incidents. However, it is impossible to predict how a fall will affect an individual. People with already weak joints or bones may suffer severe fractures from a quick fall to the ground. Even otherwise healthy individuals might endure permanent harm from a fall on their head, neck, or back.

The simple fact is that a landowner who allows a fall to occur on their land is liable to provide compensation for all resulting losses. This includes the costs of medical treatment, payments for lost wages due to time spent off work to make a recovery, and compensation for emotional traumas such as pain or suffering. A skilled lawyer in Victorville could evaluate how a slip and fall has affected a person’s life and demand fair payments for their injuries.

Proving a Landowner Responsible for an Accident

A central part of state law indicates that every property owner must protect people who enter their land. However, this protection depends on whether a visitor had permission to be there. For example, a trespasser who does not have permission to enter enjoys protection against only intentional or wanton harm. By contrast, an invited guest can expect a landowner will take reasonable steps to keep them safe.

As a result, many slips and fall cases revolve around whether a landowner took the proper steps to protect invited guests. Key evidence in these cases may include:

  • A failure to place warning signs around spills
  • Allowing a guest to use a broken stairway
  • Not placing proper handrails on steps
  • Leaving loose carpeting in common areas

Any of these examples may cause a fall that results in life-altering injuries. An attorney in Victorville could help investigate the cause of a trip and fall and argue that a defendant was unreasonable in failing to provide protection.

However, defendants may claim that an injured person contributed to their own losses. Under California Civil Code §1714, all parties are responsible for their actions, even those that contribute to an injury. A defendant may state that a slip only happened because a plaintiff ignored warning signs, was looking at a cell phone at the time of the fall, or was running on a wet floor. A legal representative could work to defeat allegations of comparative negligence.

Let a Victorville Slip and Fall Lawyer Take the Lead

If you have suffered an injury from tripping on another party’s property, you may wonder if a landowner was at-fault for the fall. You need to consider how the fall has affected your life and what compensation will make things right. At the same time, a defendant’s insurance company may push for a statement or try to shift blame onto you.

A Victorville slip and fall lawyer could help protect your rights while you focus on making a full recovery. They could gather evidence concerning the fall and obtain medical records that indicate the extent of your injuries. Contact our firm today to get started.

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