Blind Spot Truck Accidents in Palm Springs

Sharing the highway with trucks is dangerous. Truckers cannot see people or other vehicles immediately adjacent, in front, or behind them. Many people do not realize the blind area can be double the length of the trailer and extend over several lanes of traffic.

Truck accidents often cause significant injuries, and the trucking company is responsible when their driver does not use the utmost care. When considering your options, contact a local attorney who represents people harmed in blind spot truck accidents in Palm Springs. A legal professional could review your case, and if you have a valid claim, vigorously pursue appropriate compensation for your injuries.

How Truck Drivers Manage Blind Spots Safely

Commercial drivers must undergo intensive training to learn how to handle big rigs. Much of the training revolves around learning to manage the risk the large blind areas pose. Checking and adjusting mirrors every time the driver gets into the cab and turning their body to get the most complete view from the side mirror are some techniques that can reduce accidents.

Truck drivers have mirrors, cameras, and electronic alarm systems to make them aware of other vehicles in their blind spots. Even so, they need to stay mentally aware of other vehicles that are traveling in or around their blind spots to avoid accidents. A momentary lapse in concentration could lead to catastrophe.

A Palm Springs attorney could investigate any accident to determine whether the driver followed best practices to manage their vehicle’s blind spots. If not, the trucking company and others could be responsible for paying compensation to anyone who suffered injuries in a blind spot accident.

Establishing Fault for a Blind Spot Accident

Trucking companies and their drivers have an added responsibility to those who share the road. Most drivers are held to a reasonable standard, meaning they are not negligent when they are reasonably cautious considering the circumstances. Truck drivers and their employers can be found negligent when they fail to use the utmost care, a much higher standard.

The truck’s data recorder, in-cab video, witness statements, and other evidence can establish how a Palm Springs blind spot truck accident happened. When the transportation company or the driver failed to comply with any applicable law or regulation and the failure contributed to the crash, the trucking company owes compensation to anyone who was hurt.

Depending on the circumstances, others could also be liable. Other drivers, the manufacturers of truck safety systems, and even a local government could have partial responsibility for a crash. An attorney typically tries to bring claims against as many parties as possible to increase the likelihood the injured person will receive appropriate compensation for their injuries.

Swift Action After a Truck Collision Leads to Best Results

Trucking companies carry commercial insurance policies with high coverage limits. This is beneficial for anyone injured in a truck accident because the availability of substantial coverage means a better chance of securing appropriate compensation. The downside is that the insurers employ aggressive teams of attorneys and adjusters whose main job is to limit the amount an injured person receives.

Any Palm Springs resident injured in a no-zone truck accident that was not their fault should engage a local injury attorney immediately. The legal professional can handle communication with the insurance companies and insulate the injured person from pressure to settle for less than their claim is worth. The attorney can also begin investigating the crash and building a robust case immediately before evidence erodes or is misplaced and witnesses’ memories fade.

There are also legal reasons to act quickly. The California Code of Civil Procedure § 335.1 allows an injured person only two years to sue for compensation related to their injury. Although that may seem like plenty of time, in the case of serious injury, an injured person might still be recovering when the two-year limit passes. Engaging a lawyer soon after the accident could help an injured person preserve their rights.

Consult a Palm Springs Attorney About Blind Spot Truck Accident Claims

Truck accident claims are more complicated than car accident claims. When you try to handle it yourself, you are likely to leave substantial money on the table. You should always work with an experienced lawyer to claim compensation for blind spot truck accidents in Palm Springs. Reach out today to schedule a consultation.

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