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Whether they are traveling on Interstate 10, California State Route 111, or on local roads navigating toward their final destination, every truck driver has a legal obligation—under both federal and state law—to act responsibly and rationally behind the wheel. Unfortunately, not every long-haul trucker meets this basic duty, leading to collisions with life-altering consequences for anyone unfortunate enough to be involved.

Civil litigation over injuries caused by truck wrecks has high stakes and is challenging to pursue without a capable personal injury attorney helping you through the process. By working closely with a Palm Springs truck accident lawyer, you could better understand your rights and more effectively enforce them in pursuit of the financial restitution you need.

Who Could Hold Civil Liability for a Truck Wreck?

Just like anyone who drives irresponsibly, truckers who cause crashes by breaking a traffic law, driving while distracted or drunk, or otherwise breaching their duty of care can be held liable for the effects of any injuries their misconduct directly causes another to suffer. Unfortunately, truck drivers tend not to have substantial personal assets and may be financially unable to cover the immense losses that tractor-trailer accidents can cause.

Fortunately, it is usually possible to hold a negligent truck driver’s employer vicariously liable for the misconduct of their employee because of the legal doctrine of respondeat superior. Alternatively, a trucking company may be more straightforwardly to blame for a truck crash under certain circumstances—for example, if they knowingly broke federal law by forcing their drivers to stay on the road for too long or carry illegally heavy loads.

Other wrecks may stem mainly from the negligence of someone not directly involved in the crash itself, such as a mechanic that failed to service a truck properly or a manufacturer that produced faulty truck components. A Palm Springs attorney could provide vital guidance about who might be legally liable for a specific truck collision and assist with taking proactive legal action against all of them.

Filing Deadlines for Commercial Vehicle Crash Claims

Seasoned legal counsel could provide crucial assistance during a truck accident lawsuit by building a strong claim within filing deadlines set by state law. More specifically, California Code of Civil Procedure § 335.1 allows anyone who suffers an injury due to another’s negligence—including people hurt in truck wrecks—a maximum of two years after initially sustaining an injury to begin a civil claim.

Failing to file suit within this time limit will typically lead to the court throwing an injured person’s claim out immediately for being time-barred, no matter how severe their injuries are or how much evidence they have establishing another person’s liability for their losses. With this in mind, contacting a skilled lawyer quickly after a truck collision in Palm Springs can be essential to obtaining the best possible case resolution.

Talk to a Palm Springs Truck Accident Attorney About Legal Options

Any collision between a regular commuter car and a semi-truck weighing up to 40 tons can have debilitating and devastating repercussions for people inside the smaller vehicle. Fortunately, you have a right after a wreck to demand comprehensive compensation from every person who played a role in causing you harm.

Guidance from a Palm Springs truck accident lawyer could significantly improve your chances of a favorable result from your lawsuit or settlement demand. Learn more by calling today.

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