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Any time you are lawfully visiting or acting as a tenant on property owned by another, they have a duty under state law to keep you reasonably safe from hazardous conditions on that land. In addition to addressing things like broken building fixtures and ice patches that could cause a slip and fall, state law expects landowners to take reasonable steps to prevent criminal activity from causing physical harm to lawful visitors and tenants.

When a landowner fails to uphold this duty and allows you to suffer an injury through a criminal act, you may have grounds to file a suit against them with the help of a skilled premises liability attorney. Even if you are unsure whether your circumstances are worth filing a civil claim over, speaking with a Rancho Mirage negligent security lawyer could help you understand your options and protect your long-term best interests more effectively.

What Counts as Negligent Security?

According to California Civil Jury Instruction Number 1005, a property owner may hold civil liability for injuries sustained by a lawful property visitor, customer, or tenant through a third party’s criminal misconduct when that property owner fails to exercise reasonable care in protecting visitors from a foreseeable criminal act. Landowners should know what kinds of criminal acts are likely to occur on their property and take steps to reduce the risk of those specific acts occurring.

Reasonable security practices in this context can look different from case to case depending on the type of property involved, the area around the property, and the types of tenants or visitors the property owner usually sees on their land. It may be sufficient for a landowner to put up a few security cameras and ensure enclosed spaces are well-lit. Other situations may call for more substantial measures like installing fencing, putting stronger locks on doors, and even hiring private security personnel. A negligent security attorney in Rancho Mirage could provide guidance about exactly what actions—or lack of action—by a landowner may constitute a lawsuit.

Establishing Valid Grounds for an Injury Claim

Filing a suit over negligent security is only possible if the misconduct of a landowner directly led to a serious physical injury through a criminal act. One of the prerequisite conditions for a civil claim built around negligence is an injury severe enough to require professional medical care. This means it is generally not possible to sue a landowner solely for personal property loss stemming from a criminal act on their land if there was no accompanying injury.

An injured person can establish that a lack of specific security measures constituted negligence in several ways. A person could prove that similar or identical crimes had happened on the property before or reference crime statistics for the areas around the property. A seasoned lawyer’s assistance can be essential to building a strong negligent security case in Rancho Mirage that effectively incorporates all available evidence.

Consider Working with a Rancho Mirage Negligent Security Attorney

Landowners have a legal responsibility to protect you from every hazard on their land, including the illegal actions of other people. When a property owner lets you sustain harm by failing to fulfill this obligation, you have limited time under state law to construct a settlement demand or lawsuit and seek compensation for your losses.

Contacting a Rancho Mirage negligent security lawyer should be a top priority after being injured by criminal activity on another person’s property. Call today to get started on your claim.

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