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Every collision that happens on the road is a serious event. However, the most severe injuries often occur due to truck crashes. These massive vehicles will always significantly outweigh passenger cars, and the people inside have little protection from the immense impact. This type of collision could result in life-altering injuries. These could require medical care and force a person to adjust every part of their life. Fortunately, a trucker at fault for an accident is liable to provide compensation. Even so, it falls on the shoulders of an injured person to prove that a defendant was negligent.

A Rancho Mirage truck accident lawyer could take the lead in a claim for losses. A legal representative understands the immense impact a truck wreck could have on a person’s life. A personal injury attorney could work to pursue a claim that demands proper compensation after proving a trucker was responsible for a collision.

Why are Truck Wrecks so Common?

Tractor-trailers, construction vehicles, and other large trucks play a vital role in keeping America moving. However, the size of these vehicles makes them a danger to everyone on the road. Commercial vehicles carrying large cargo loads have massive blind spots that can render other cars invisible. Truckers have an obligation to check these spots before turning or changing lanes.

Overloaded trucks could weigh multiple tons. This can make them slow to stop in an emergency and vulnerable to jackknifing or rolling over in sharp turns. However, a negligent driver behind the wheel of a truck does not prove fault in a claim. In fact, truckers may still use California Civil Code § 1714 to shift blame onto an injured plaintiff for a wreck. If a jury believes a plaintiff shared some fault for a crash, they will reduce the award. An attorney in Rancho Mirage could help prove that a trucker was the only party liable for a collision.

Proving a Trucker was At Fault for a Collision

An injured plaintiff must prove that a trucker was at-fault for a crash. The most direct way to demonstrate responsibility is to show a trucker violated a law, leading to a collision. Truck drivers must follow the same driving laws as other motorists. As a result, a police report that indicates a citation for speeding, failing to yield, tailgating, or other moving violations is strong evidence of trucker negligence.

Other laws apply only to truckers. Federal regulations limit maximum vehicle weights on interstates, and local laws may prohibit trucks of a certain size from being on smaller roads. Additionally, truckers can only be behind the wheel for up to 14 hours in a day or 60 hours in seven consecutive days. A violation of these laws is negligence per se and could allow a civil court to presume trucker fault for a crash. A truck wreck lawyer in Rancho Mirage could help to investigate whether a trucker violating local or federal laws contributed to an incident.

Reach Out to a Rancho Mirage Truck Accident Lawyer Immediately

Suffering injuries following a crash with a commercial vehicle could leave you in a difficult position. You are likely experiencing significant physical injuries and enduring intense emotional trauma. All the while, insurance companies are pressuring you for an official statement or asking for information about a collision. You may want to get your life back to normal but avoid signing away key rights.

A Rancho Mirage truck accident lawyer could take the lead in pursuing your claim while you focus on recovery. A legal representative could help gather evidence to demonstrate a trucker’s fault for the crash and measure how an incident has affected your life. With this knowledge, many cases come to a fair settlement without going to court. Contact our firm today to discuss your legal options.

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