Distracted Driving Truck Accidents in Rancho Mirage

Distracted driving truck accidents in Rancho Mirage can cause extensive physical damage to people and vehicles on or around the roadway. When you are hurt or your loved one dies in a commercial semi accident, you may be able to hold the careless driver accountable under state law. You can take it upon yourself to do legal research and file court documents, but hiring a truck accident attorney who can help may be best.

Our personal injury firm frequently advocates for those hurt by truck accidents. We have the knowledge, resources, and success rate to support you during your legal case against the at-fault driver.

What Does Distracted Driving Look Like?

Anytime the driver is not paying enough attention to their surroundings or the task at hand, distracted driving may occur. Arguments with passengers, telephone conversations, and road rage can all distract someone from driving. Likewise, grooming (like brushing one’s hair, putting on make-up, or getting dressed) keeps someone’s eyes off the road and hands off the wheels.

California Vehicle Code § 23123 also makes cell phone usage illegal (even if not used for texting) when the driver is over 18 and uses even one hand to use the device. Hands-free cell phone use is allowed in many situations. Drivers under 18 cannot use a cell phone while driving in any context.

Truck accidents can stem from commercial motorists or passenger car drivers who are not focused on operating the vehicle safely. A Rancho Mirage attorney who handles distracted driving truck wreck claims is familiar with how to request evidence in these cases. They know what to look for and how to use evidence effectively to piece together the cause of the crash.

Proving Fault for a Wreck Involving a Commercial Truck

Many different parties may be to blame for collisions involving commercial trucks. For example, the car manufacturer may have made a defective vehicle, causing mechanical features to give out and cause a crash. Likewise, auto maintenance crew members may have made an error when servicing the truck or passenger vehicle, leading to a collision.

Driver inexperience can also increase the chance that wrecks happen. Along these lines, the trucking company may be at fault for hiring a driver who is not properly licensed or has a poor safety rating. Similarly, when the company did not adequately prepare the truck driver for the road, they may share responsibility for what happened.

Understanding who to sue and when can be challenging in the aftermath of a truck accident caused by distracted driving in Rancho Mirage. An attorney could assist by investigating a claim and determining who is responsible for what happened. We could also file the necessary paperwork in court.

A Rancho Mirage Lawyer Can Help After Distracted Driving Truck Crashes

Filing a lawsuit against an inattentive driver can put you closer to recovering the compensation you need to address your physical injuries and property damage from the truck crash. You can take on the legal aspects of your claim by yourself, but our team has the experience and resources to make the most of your claim.

People injured in distracted driving truck accidents in Rancho Mirage often benefit from advice from an attorney they can count on. Our firm treats our clients like people, not dollar signs, and builds trust so we can effectively serve them. When you are hurt in a truck collision, contact us to start your lawsuit.

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