Blind Spot Truck Accidents in Rancho Mirage

Commercial truck drivers have a lot of responsibility, not only to move perishable food, toxic chemicals, and most of what fuels American commerce across the country but to ensure that motorists sharing the road with them are safe. That takes skill and some reliance on other motorists to understand the differences between driving a truck and a car.

Commercial trucks have no rear-view mirrors because their cabs sit too high for truck drivers to see cars and motorcycles directly beside and behind them. A commercial truck with a trailer attached can span a length of up to 80 feet and up to 100 feet with a second trailer. The length of the trailer is the blind spot, where multiple vehicles can be invisible to a trucker. Despite their reputation as safe drivers, truckers sometimes make errors. When blind spot truck accidents happen in Rancho Mirage, our skilled attorneys could inform you of your legal options and represent your interests by seeking compensation.

Motorists and Commercial Truck Blind Spots

Blind spots are areas of the road a driver cannot see. They are officially known as no-zones by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and are responsible for one-third of all truck crashes. There are some preventative measures other motorists can take to avoid becoming victims in blind spot accidents:

  • Remain aware of each truck’s no-zone when approaching the truck
  • When driving behind a commercial truck, leave plenty of space
  • When passing a commercial truck, signal and pass as far away from the truck as possible
  • Slow down, even below the speed limit, in inclement weather

Motorists can take the utmost care to drive safely, but when truck drivers miscalculate distances, are fatigued, distracted, or in a hurry, they can cause blind spot truck collisions in Rancho Mirage. When they do, an attorney can explain whether the trucking company’s insurance or a lawsuit based on negligence is the best alternative for paying your medical bills and replacing your lost wages while you recuperate.

Trucking Companies Under Federal Law Must Insure Their Fleet

Federal law requires trucking companies and for-hire truck drivers who haul cargo in California or across state lines to carry minimum liability insurance. The US Code of Federal Regulations § 387.9 mandates that interstate commercial truckers have at least $750,000 in liability insurance and up to $5 million when hauling hazardous cargo intrastate or interstate. Injuries caused by a no-zone truck wreck that are catastrophic enough to monetarily exceed the liability carried by the trucking company may require a Rancho Mirage attorney to file a lawsuit to recover the excess through a damages award.

Negligence and Compensation After a No-Zone Truck Crash

To prevail in a negligence lawsuit, a lawyer must prove a truck driver, and possibly their employers, breached the duty of care they owe to other motorists, and that their actions caused harm to others. For example, a trucking company offers a cash bonus to entice a trucker to deliver a load early. The speeding trucker ignores federal guidelines concerning maximum driving hours, dozes at the wheel, drifts into a blind spot, and hits and injures a motorist. Both the trucking company and trucker are liable.

Injured motorists in Rancho Mirage generally are compensated for their medical care, lost wages, pain, disfigurement, psychological trauma, and loss of consortium after a blind spot truck collision.

We Advocate for Clients After Blind Spot Truck Accidents in Rancho Mirage

No-zones are an unfortunate by-product of the trucking industry. Due to the construction of a commercial truck, the driver, who sits high off the ground, cannot see other motorists driving in the same orbit. You must stay vigilant and attempt to signal the trucker whether you are trying to pass or driving alongside the truck. No matter how vigilant you are, accidents are an everyday occurrence.

Our attorneys understand the physical and financial devastation a blind spot truck accident in Rancho Mirage can wreak on you and your family. We will meet with you and get to know your concerns. Call our office and learn how we can dedicate our expertise to your well-being.

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