Overloaded/Overweight Truck Accidents in Rancho Mirage

Victims of overloaded/overweight truck accidents in Rancho Mirage deserve a fair opportunity to seek compensation for the pain, suffering, and losses they endured through no fault of their own. When you broke bones, totaled your car, lost income, or experienced other repercussions because of a negligent trucking company or driver, state law may allow you to pursue compensation.

Our firm could equip you with the knowledge and support you need to navigate the claims process. We know how important it is for you to focus on your recovery, and we could take on the legal aspects of the case for you, such as filing paperwork. Our experienced truck crash attorneys understand the pain you may be in and are here to help alleviate your burden.

Who Regulates Weight and Load Limits for Commercial Trucks?

In different ways, federal, state, and local agencies play a role in regulating the operation of commercial vehicles. For example, the federal government determines the maximum weight each vehicle can carry, depending on its size and the number of axles. These limitations also account for weight when the truck is empty versus when it has cargo in it.

Additionally, state and local governments often restrict semis from traveling down certain roads. For example, the city may limit the weight of vehicles traveling on side streets or bridges. Likewise, trucks may be unable to travel on or under bridges when they are too tall or have excessive cargo on them.

While the government dictates how heavy these vehicles can be, it is up to the driver, dock workers, and others to follow these requirements. When they cut corners or forget to complete weight and safety checks, they put others at serious risk of injury. A Rancho Mirage attorney helps a person recover from the fallout from truck accidents involving vehicles over the weight limit or carrying too much cargo.

Risks of Overloaded or Overweight Trucks

Semis that illegally travel on roadways while carrying cargo that puts them over the legal weight or load limit increases the risk of potentially life-threatening crashes. Commercial truck drivers may lose control of their vehicles and cause jackknife accidents. Likewise, overweight vehicles can threaten the structural integrity of bridges and other roads, potentially leading to dangerous collapses.

18-wheelers with unsecured cargo risk spilling the contents onto the roadway, leading to life-threatening multi-car pileups. Finally, the increased weight can overload the brakes or physical structure of the truck itself, potentially causing a cracked axle or blown-out tire. The commercial vehicle may swerve into oncoming traffic lanes, resulting in deadly head-on collisions with passenger vehicles.

Regardless of why the Rancho Mirage truck carries too much weight or materials, there is immense risk to anyone who collides with these vehicles. Our attorneys help people understand how they can begin to seek a financial award by holding at-fault drivers and companies accountable for their actions.

Call a Rancho Mirage Attorney for Help After an Overloaded/Overweight Truck Crash

When you are the victim of a wreck involving a semi, you may have had to miss work or family engagements or endure surgeries to address your injuries. When you can prove the other driver is to blame for the harm done to you, state law may empower you to hold them accountable. A knowledgeable attorney could support you during the claims process by negotiating the settlement, filing legal paperwork, and giving recommendations. Contact us today to learn more.

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