Bad Weather Truck Accidents in Victorville

Many people think of sunshine and beautiful weather when they think of California. However, in addition to our gorgeous days, California gets its fair share of fog, rain, high winds, and even snow. When the weather is bad, people often ignore it and continue to drive like it is clear with excellent visibility. No wonder bad weather increases the likelihood of car wrecks.

Every driver is at an increased risk of accidents when the weather is terrible. The risk is even greater for truck drivers. Trucks are already more difficult to maneuver, less stable than other vehicles, and have a greater stopping distance. Add hampered visibility and slick roads to the mix, and it is easy to see why they are such a danger in inclement weather.

If you have been injured because of a trucker’s negligence, a seasoned truck crash lawyer may be able to help. Speak with one today to learn about potential remedies following bad weather truck accidents in Victorville.

How Bad Weather Contibutes to Accidents

Not all bad weather has the same impact on driver safety. Understanding how a particular weather condition could impact safety may help you drive more defensively in that weather. It will also help you understand how a trucker could lose control, which can help you piece together how an accident occurred.

Snow and Ice

While it is usually limited to the mountain areas of the state, snow and ice may be the most dangerous type of weather. It makes the road slippery, which is particularly hazardous for trucks. Plus, some drivers may be unfamiliar with those driving conditions.


Rain is another hazard. Even though almost all drivers know how to drive in the rain, many are still irresponsible. They do not slow down, which puts them at risk on slick roads. Plus, rain can impact visibility, making it difficult for truckers to see other vehicles. They should slow down, but many times they do not.


Most drivers do not think of wind as a severe issue. Unless winds are extreme, they may make it challenging to drive but are unlikely to blow a vehicle off the road. However, large trucks are not as stable because of their higher center of gravity. High winds can make them much more challenging to maneuver.


Fog is riskier than many people may realize. Fog reduces visibility, which is already limited around trucks because of their blind spots. Fog can make it extremely difficult for truckers to see other vehicles. If they do not slow down enough, it can lead to rear-end collisions and dangerous lane changes.

These are just some of the ways that bad weather can contribute to a tractor-trailer collision in Victorville.

Special Bad Weather Rules for Truckers

Since truckers are at a heightened risk of getting in an accident in inclement weather, it should come as no surprise that there are rules and regulations governing how a trucker should behave in poor conditions. These rules impact not just the truckers, but also trucking companies, since maintenance can play a significant role in truck safety.

Truckers are supposed to drive with extreme caution when hazardous weather impacts driving conditions. Unfortunately, the regulations are subjective. They do not specify a specific type of weather, amount of precipitation, or other factor to establish a bright-line rule. However, a trucker who does not alter their behavior in response to bad weather may be considered negligent for causing a crash in Victorville.

Contact a Victorville Attorney to Learn More About Your Rights After a Bad Weather Truck Crash

Bad weather truck accidents in Victorville can lead to significant injuries. While it is easy to blame the weather for a wreck, the reality is that weather is rarely the sole cause of an accident. It is usually a combination of weather and negligence. Truckers have a heightened duty of care, which only increases when the weather gets bad. They should be held accountable if they fail to take proper precautions, resulting in a collision.

They may not be the only liable party. Improper maintenance can also make trucks more likely to wreck. Worn-out tires, missing lights, bad brakes, and worn-out wiper blades are some of the things that can contribute to the likelihood of a crash. Of course, other drivers may contribute to the wreck by driving recklessly. Contact a lawyer for help taking legal action after an accident with a negligent truck driver.

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