Front-End Car Accidents in Banning

Front-end car accidents happen for many reasons—speeding, distracted driving, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, poor weather conditions, and vehicle malfunctions are among the most common causes. No matter the cause, though, these accidents can be devastating, causing significant property damage, serious injuries, and even death.

Those involved in front-end car accidents in Banning should consult with a qualified legal professional. An experienced auto accident attorney could investigate the accident to demonstrate the defendant’s liability, argue the case in court, or negotiate for a fair payout with insurance companies.

California Laws Relating to Front-End Car Crashes

There are several state laws pertaining to head-on auto collisions. One is California Vehicle Code § 20001-2, which requires drivers to stop at the safest possible location near the scene of the accident. Additionally, Cal. Veh. Code § 20003 requires the driver to provide his or her contact and registration to the responding police officer.

California is a comparative negligence state, meaning injured parties may recover damages, even if they are partly at fault for a front-end accident. Their damages are to be reduced by an equivalent percentage. A Banning head-on collision lawyer could advise on the full range of applicable laws during an initial case consultation.

Damages Available in Head-On Collision Claims

California provides for both economic and non-economic damages. There is no cap on economic damages, which constitute items such as medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. Non-economic damages—covering things such as pain and suffering and loss of consortium—are capped at $350,000 in non-death cases and $500,000 in wrongful death cases.

Coming up with an accurate figure for damages can be difficult, but it is crucial. There is no second bite of the apple after a judgment is rendered or a settlement is reached, so getting this number right the first time is critical. Our skilled Banning front-end accident lawyers could assist by putting their legal training and cutting-edge resources to work to come up with a number that accurately reflects an injured individual’s losses.

Dealing With Insurance Companies After a Front-End Wreck

The insurance companies are for-profit and are always looking out for their bottom lines. This means that insurance representatives will do things such as try and get a plaintiff to make a statement against their interest, which can then be used to reduce or negate the company’s liability. Or they may make a lowball settlement offer that drastically undervalues the case, which many plaintiffs will accept—just to get things over with.

Our well-practiced legal professionals could anticipate these tactics and handle them on an injured person’s behalf. Our attorneys have the data necessary to come up with a realistic settlement number, which they can advocate for in their dealings with insurance representatives. Meanwhile, the injured party can focus on healing and moving on with their life after a front-end wreck in Banning.

Get in Touch With a Banning Front-End Car Accident Attorney

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The call is free. You have nothing to lose. And you owe it to yourself to get quality representation as you seek compensation for your injuries.

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