Rear-End Car Accidents in Banning

Getting rear-ended by another driver can completely ruin your plans for that day and, in the event of a severe collision, your future. In an ideal world, every motorist would always pay attention to their surroundings, never run into adverse weather events, and have the proper training for the vehicle they are driving. California’s personal injury laws account for the unfortunate reality that accidents happen and, frequently, a negligent person or business is to blame.

When you cannot go to work or participate in activities you previously enjoyed because of an automobile crash, you deserve to recoup compensation and recognition for your losses. Our dedicated team of lawyers has helped numerous individuals involved in rear-end car accidents in Banning begin the legal process of claiming damages. Our car crash attorneys are well-trained and compassionate advocates who treat every person with respect and dignity.

What Are the Typical Causes of a Rear-End Collision?

Human error, manufacturing mistakes, bad weather, and less-than-ideal road conditions can play a critical role in causing the front of one automobile to collide with the back of another. For example, stop-and-go traffic conditions can push an already on-edge and aggressive driver past their breaking point, leading them to misjudge the situation and run into the car in front of them. Likewise, a stressed-out parent might make a last-minute decision to pass the vehicles in front of them, meaning they have to cut it too close when they try to get back into the lane and smash into another car.

Additionally, those who are under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or exhaustion are also at a higher risk of getting into this type of crash. For example, a trucker who made a poor decision to skip the mandatory rest break may become fatigued, causing them to fall asleep momentarily behind the wheel and hit the motorist in front of them. Likewise, someone who is intoxicated may find it much harder to gauge how far away other vehicles are (and where their lane is), creating conditions that may lead to a wreck.

Mechanical errors—such as with a car’s brakes or steering—may also be the culprit when a rear-end collision occurs in Banning. A seasoned legal professional is best suited to help injured parties determine the underlying cause of the accident and their available legal options. For example, the lawyer could help the injured person understand if California Civil Code § 3333.4—which contains rules about those who do not carry adequate insurance—impacts their ability to recover compensation.

Is the Driver in the Back Always at Fault in Front to Rear Crash?

While the inclination might be to automatically think the motorist in the back is responsible for crashing into the bumper of a vehicle, this is not always accurate. For example, an over-anxious driver traveling through Banning might cause a rear-end crash when they are in a parking lot. Instead of waiting for the approaching SUV to pass, the motorist zips in front of them to try to save time—with the unfortunate consequence that the unsuspecting driver with the right-of-way smashes into the other car.

Likewise, when a car speeds in violation of California Vehicle Code § 22350, this creates situations where they are more likely to run into others. For example, a driver who is driving too fast on a highway might force another motorist to have to maneuver out of the way to avoid an impact. As a result, they might inadvertently cut off a driver in the lane next to them, resulting in the second driver’s front bumper impacting the rear of their car.

A Banning Attorney Could Help You Recover After a Rear-End Auto Wreck

We have helped dozens of people injured in rear-end car accidents in Banning embark on the important journey to reclaim their agency and secure compensation to rebuild their lives. Reach out to our legal team today to discover your options for holding the at-fault person or company accountable for their actions. We offer free, confidential, no-obligation consultations. Call now.

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