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When a truck driver causes a wreck with your vehicle, state law may enable you to sue the negligent driver in court. Filing a lawsuit empowers you to tell your story, protect others on the road, and seek the legal damages you need to rebuild your life. Taking on a legal case without help is possible but might interfere with your healing process.

A Banning truck accident lawyer has the legal training to successfully hold truck drivers, companies, and others responsible when they cause harm. Our team of compassionate personal injury attorneys serves as advocates and legal resources for many injured by truck accidents. We are here to support you during this journey to justice.

Frequent Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents could stem from driver activities, adverse road or weather events, or mechanical failures. For example, being distracted or impaired by alcohol can increase someone’s risk of getting into a crash. Furthermore, trucks need much more time to slow down when there is an adverse road event, so speeding increases the likelihood of a wreck.

Mechanical failures or trouble with the vehicle itself can also cause crashes. For example, faulty brakes or not having the truck taken in for routine maintenance checks can also lead to crashes. Likewise, failure to yield to other drivers or follow posted road signs poses a hazard to those on the road.

Our truck accident attorneys in Banning are helpful guides. We use our time and resources to investigate the underlying cause of a crash, which is not always obvious. Additionally, our lawyers locate critical evidence an injured person can use to support their claim for damages.

When Does Someone Need to File a Claim for a Truck Accident?

California law limits how long someone has to bring a case to court after a crash. The specific limit depends on the type of lawsuit and who is involved. For example, claims against the government typically have a six-month time frame (along with other requirements), whereas other car accident claims have a two or three-year deadline.

When someone is filing a case because of physical injuries (like broken bones or lacerations), California Code of Civil Procedure § 335.1 usually gives them two years to do so. On the other hand, a person might have three years to recover a financial award for damaged property. When the victim dies before the deadline expires, their surviving family members may be able to bring a claim within six months after their death or before the deadline expires.

When the victim does not bring their case in time, the law may prevent them from pursuing compensation because of the collision. Knowing when, where, and what to file can be confusing. A truck accident lawyer in Banning helps people meet their legal obligations by counseling them on what they must do to bring a claim.

Call a Truck Accident Attorney in Banning for Assistance

When you are harmed in a truck crash, you may have had to miss out on time with your family, work, or hobbies because of the collision. Fortunately, state law gives you a way to hold the at-fault driver accountable for what they did. Instead of handling this claim yourself, which can make it harder to address your other obligations, consider asking an attorney for help.

Our firm takes pride in protecting the rights of those injured in truck crashes. We are here to answer your questions and secure the compensation you deserve. Schedule a consultation by calling a Banning truck accident lawyer at our firm today.

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