Blind-Spot Truck Accidents in Banning

When a trucker smashes into your vehicle while you are in their blind spot, you may sustain serious physical injuries—such as broken bones or a concussion—and financial consequences, like having to repair or replace your wrecked automobile. While they cannot completely undo this damage, personal injury laws may serve as a valuable and empowering tool to help you claim a monetary award that is rightfully yours because of the losses you suffered due to someone else’s actions.

However, sifting through the nuanced legal requirements to secure a fair settlement package can be a big undertaking for those injured in blind-spot truck accidents in Banning, diverting their attention away from the critical steps involved in healing. Instead of adding to your already full list of responsibilities, consider the benefits you may enjoy by handing over the legal matters to a capable law firm. Our dedicated truck accident attorneys have a successful track record of helping people in crashes with 18-wheelers recover after such an overwhelming experience.

Why Are Big Rigs at an Increased Risk of Getting Into Blind-Spot Crashes?

A semi-truck has several large components that work in unison to propel forward and tow cargo from one place to another. For example, the tractor houses the vehicle’s large motor and is where the driver sits, and the trailer—the immense, large rectangular box behind the tractor—holds whatever objects the big rig is transporting.

Because of the size and multiple features of these vehicles, they have correspondingly large areas where the operator cannot see what is around them. For example, both the right and left-hand side of the truck are areas where a passenger car can inadvertently hide from view, increasing the chance of the trucker turning into their vehicle. Likewise, both the front and rear of the semi have notable blind spots since the truck does not have a regular rear-view mirror the driver can use to see behind them and cannot view everything immediately in front of the truck because they sit so high up.

Ideally, the operator should have enhanced equipment to allow them to see their surroundings or take the time to make sure others on the road are safely out of their way before making a move—such as into another lane or to exit the highway. However, fatigue, poor decision-making, alcohol use, poor training, and mechanical errors may cause the commercial driver to put others in danger. When a blind-spot accident occurs, a proactive injury attorney in Banning could thoroughly investigate the underlying reason it happened and use that information to craft a strong legal case.

How Can a Person Get a Settlement if They Get Hit While in a Semi’s Blind Spot?

A commercial truck’s imposing size and weight often translate into a significant amount of damage when it impacts another motorist, making it necessary for the injured person to seek a comprehensive settlement to cover their unexpected losses. To kick off this process, both commercial and non-commercial motorists involved in a collision should fulfill the requirements under California Vehicle Code §§ 20003 and 20008 by:

  • Stopping their vehicles and pulling over
  • Making sure those with injuries—such as whiplash, lacerations, internal organ damage, and burns—have access to medical care
  • Contacting the police

The injured party should also communicate with the provider that insures the vehicle they were in during the collision—e.g., their insurer or if they were driving their friend’s car, their friend’s provider. When speaking with the police and the insurer about what happened, the injured person should speak plainly and avoid using language that gives the impression that they are assuming responsibility for what happened.

An experienced Banning attorney is best positioned to help an injured individual understand the nuanced steps involved in taking legal action when a commercial motorist is at fault for causing a blind-spot crash. Likewise, a well-practiced lawyer could help the injured person understand potential barriers to compensation, such as the underinsured motorist rules under California Civil Code § 3333.4 and the filing deadlines in California Code of Civil Procedure § 335.1.

Connect With a Banning Lawyer After a Collision Involving a Truck’s Blind Spot

When a trucker crashes into your car, the expansive and unexpected wreckage it can leave behind can threaten to uproot your life. As a seasoned law firm with decades of experience in this area of law, our attorneys are all too familiar with the range of impacts of blind-spot truck accidents in Banning.

When you are hurt because a semi-truck driver did not check their blind spot before making a roadway decision, we could help you develop a plan of action to get you back on track or connect you with someone who could assist you. Reach out to our capable legal team today to schedule a time to discuss your options.

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Walter Clark Legal Group

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