Distracted Driving Truck Accidents in El Centro

When you are taking your children to school, running an errand, or driving your car to a restaurant for lunch with a friend, you have every right to do so without a trucker ramming into your vehicle. Unfortunately, many who operate commercial vehicles in the shipping and delivery sectors cut corners—such as by forgoing rest breaks—to try to maximize their earnings. When their short-sighted and selfish actions hurt you or your loved one, personal injury laws may serve as a beacon of hope by giving you the tools to hold them responsible.

Our law firm takes pride in serving as a trusted resource and guide to those injured in distracted driving truck accidents in El Centro. Our compassionate truck accident attorneys understand and respect the vulnerability of this time in your life and want to help you seek justice.

Dangers of Truckers Not Paying Attention to Their Surroundings

With equipment and cargo possibly weighing up to tens of thousands of pounds, the wreckage 18-wheelers can inflict during impact is severe. And, because of the truck’s immense and bulky size, the complications involved in operating them require consistent vigilance to avoid harming others on the roadway. For example, someone driving a small compact car has blind spots on either side of their vehicle; however, a big rig has larger ones on the right and left of their auto and additional ones in the front and back.

When truckers do not pay adequate attention to the roadway, they increase the chance of making a costly—if not fatal—error by cutting off other cars tucked away in the vehicle’s blind spot. Likewise, an overly tired semi-truck operator may fall asleep while on a busy highway, leading them to drift into a busy lane of traffic. The result may be catastrophic, leading to a multi-car pileup that claims many innocent lives in the process.

Victims or their surviving family members may seek retribution using legal channels such as the court system to speak out against the inexcusable wrongs that hurt them. Working with a seasoned attorney in El Centro can be a source of relief for those trying to recover after a truck crash caused by distracted driving. A well-practiced lawyer could help an injured person understand and meet the legal reporting requirements under California Vehicle Code §§ 20003 and 20008 and begin the process of seeking compensation.

How Does Insurance Work in a Claim Against a Truck Operator?

Often, a crash involving a commercial vehicle invokes several possible insurance contracts, including those that cover the trucker, tractor, trailer, and passenger car. Likewise, the name in which these policies are in may be different from one situation to the next. For example, the shipping company may have separate policies that cover vehicles in their fleets, the driver (in some cases), and the cargo, or they may require the trucker to carry separate coverage.

For these reasons, an injured individual may discover that knowing who to file a claim against and how can be a challenging undertaking. Taking legal action after a crash involving a commercial carrier may begin with filing a claim with the insurer covering the car the injured person was in during the collision (if applicable). That said, the injured party may benefit from working with a distracted driving truck accident lawyer in El Centro who knows how to negotiate fair settlements.

After submitting their claim, the injured individual may receive multiple offers or rejection letters simultaneously—from their insurer, the company or driver’s insurer, or the at-fault person or business. A skilled attorney could carefully review and scrutinize these notices to see if any represent a fair deal or can be challenged in court. Likewise, the lawyer could help the injured party understand the nuanced rules that may prevent them from receiving non-economic damages under California Civil Code § 3333.4.

An El Centro Attorney Could Help After a Truck Crash Caused by an Inattentive Driver

Surviving distracted driving truck accidents in El Centro can be a blessing; however, it can significantly disrupt your life when you have uncomfortable, painful, and limiting injuries that prevent you from doing things you could easily do before the incident. Our firm understands how difficult things may be for you after an inattentive trucker inflicts harm on you and your loved ones. Schedule a no-obligation consultation with us to discover how we could help you pick up the pieces and begin the recovery process.

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