Jackknife Truck Accidents in El Centro

The bulky and significant weight of large commercial vehicles, like an 18-wheeler, makes them susceptible to getting into collisions that can cause catastrophic damage and even death. When you are hurt or a loved one passes away in a tractor-trailer collision, holding the at-fault trucker or company accountable can provide you with a sense of justice and the compensation necessary to cover the resulting expenses.

Our seasoned law firm has stood by those involved in jackknife truck accidents in El Centro who have lost limbs and loved ones because of the carelessness of others. We understand the pain and anger you may be feeling, and we have the tools to help make it right. Taking a stand in court could bring you a sense of empowerment as you request rightful compensation and acknowledgment for the suffering you have endured.

What Does It Mean for an 18-Wheeler to Jackknife?

A big rig has two components—a tractor (where the driver is) and the trailer (which houses the cargo)—connected by mechanical parts, such as a bar. When things are going smoothly, these two parts move in conjunction with one another. For example, the trailer neatly follows the tractor as it travels on the highway or is at a controlled right angle to the rest of the vehicle when the trucker makes a planned turn.

When the components become out of sync and are no longer working together in unison, a jackknife is one of several collisions that can occur. A truck that is in a jackknife position has its trailer at a right angle to the tractor, but since each part is going at a different speed or is locked up, they are in line with each other as they move down the road. As such, the vehicle takes up an entire lane or road, sweeping up cars, people, and objects in its path.

A truck driver who is not careful about making turns or hits a slippery spot on the road while moving too quickly may cause the vehicle to seize up this way. Likewise, if a trucker has to make sudden moves because, for example, they fall asleep behind the wheel and drift off the road, this also increases the risk of a dangerous jackknife crash in El Centro. Those left to sort through the wreckage may be eligible to seek legal recourse with the help of an experienced lawyer.

Consequences of a Jackknife Crash and How To Seek a Settlement

A truck in the jackknife position can cause deadly consequences. For example, a passenger car caught in the crossfire may get caught underneath the trailer, crushing the smaller automobile and fatally wounding its occupants. Likewise, multi-car collisions and rollover accidents are at a higher risk of occurring since the position of the commercial vehicle takes up so much of the available road.

A person who survives this encounter may face days, weeks, or months in the hospital to address urgent infections, splintered bones, and internal organ damage. If they experience a head wound—like a concussion or diffuse axonal injury—they may have to navigate immense changes in their ability to think, communicate, breathe, and interact with the world. A compassionate attorney in El Centro could help an injured person and their family determine if filing a jackknife truck accident lawsuit is possible in their situation, keeping in mind the filing deadlines, such as those found in California Code of Civil Procedure § 335.1 and § 338.

Speak With an El Centro Attorney After a Jackknife Truck Accident

Our firm knows how challenging and horrific the consequences can be when jackknife truck accidents in El Centro devastate individuals and families. When you are battling medical bills and intrusive treatments because of someone else’s bad decisions, it can feel unfair—because it is.

For decades, we have championed the rights of those impacted by these terrible events. We understand your pain points and could help you create a practical and compassionate way forward as you stand firm in your right to receive a settlement. Call today to schedule an initial consultation and discuss your rights with a trusted attorney.

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