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Paralysis—the medical term for any loss of bodily function caused by a traumatic injury, illness, or degenerative condition—is one of the most consequential outcomes any form of reckless or careless behavior by another person can have. When you sustain a paralyzing injury due to someone else’s misconduct, you know how devastating and life-altering this sort of trauma can be and how poor a substitute money would make for losing full control over your own body.

While financial compensation alone may not be able to restore you to your pre-injury condition, demanding the money you deserve with a skilled catastrophic injury attorney’s help could be crucial to maximizing your quality of life in spite of your condition. With guidance from a Palm Springs paralysis injury lawyer, you could more effectively pursue a case result that ensures the person truly responsible for your injury is held financially accountable for all its short-term and long-term effects.

How Negligence Can Lead to Paralyzing Injuries

While paralysis can sometimes stem from completely unpreventable accidents or unexpected medical problems that no physician could have stopped in advance, many of these accidents only happen because of negligence by one or more people who had a duty to protect a now-paralyzed person from preventable harm. In medical terms, traumatic paralysis injuries tend to affect three specific parts of the body: the spinal cord, the brain, and the central nervous system.

Spinal cord trauma and traumatic brain damage both often stem from high-speed auto accidents, slips and falls, and collisions during athletic events, but they may also be caused by a doctor or surgeon’s malpractice or an intentional criminal act like assault. Any incident may cause paraplegia of the lower limbs, quadriplegia of the entire body below the neck, depending on the location on the spinal cord where the injury occurred, or hemiplegia of either the whole left or whole right side of the body.

Certain types of burn injuries and penetrating injuries in the shoulder or hip may cause another unique form of paralysis called monoplegia, which entails just one arm or one leg being paralyzed. A tenacious Palm Springs attorney could demand fair financial recovery for these and any other forms of paralysis stemming directly from someone else’s irresponsible or illegal actions.

Common Legal Obstacles in Paralysis Claims

Legal counsel could play a key role in avoiding legal and procedural roadblocks that might otherwise limit the total compensation available to someone dealing with a paralysis injury caused by negligence. For instance, a practiced lawyer could help an injured person contest an allegation of comparative fault—in other words, accusation that they were partially to blame for their injury based on their own negligent behavior. This allegation could reduce the value of their final damage award or settlement offer.

Likewise, a Palm Springs lawyer could be essential to constructing a strong and comprehensive civil claim over a paralyzing injury within the strict filing deadlines established under state law. According to California Code of Civil Procedure § 335.1, most people injured by another person’s negligence have two years at most after sustaining that harm to file suit over it, even if the injury will result in lifelong losses.

Talk to a Palm Springs Paralysis Injury Attorney Today

Immobility due to another person’s misconduct is a uniquely devastating and often infuriating experience to go through. Even worse, state law and the opposition you are likely to face from the person who caused your injuries may keep you from getting paid what you deserve, especially when you are not prepared to fight for your rights effectively and with full knowledge of the law.

Help from a knowledgeable Palm Springs paralysis injury lawyer could make all the difference in the outcome you are able to get from a high-stakes claim. Call today to learn more.

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