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An amputation is the removal of a body part, such as an arm, leg, finger, or toe. Amputations are among the most devastating injuries a person can experience. Even when the body has healed, the loss remains, and the condition must be managed for a lifetime.

But there is hope. Human beings are incredibly adaptable, and medical and technological innovations have greatly improved the long-term prospects for amputation patients. And, depending on the cause of your injury, you may be entitled to substantial compensation. No amount of money can bring back what was lost, but a Palm Springs amputation lawyer could lighten the burden while you focus on healing. Reach out to a trusted catastrophic injury attorney at our firm to learn more about your rights.

Causes of Amputation Injuries

The most common cause of amputation injuries is vehicle accidents, but other causes include:

When the injury is caused by another’s negligence—or by the negligence of multiple people—they are liable for the resulting damages. In some cases, such as certain product liability actions, the defendants may be found strictly liable, that is, liable without a finding of negligence. See Anderson v. Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp., 53 Cal.3d 987, 995 (1991). Whatever the facts surrounding the injury, an amputation lawyer in Palm Springs could clarify the next steps and available options.

Common Amputation Injuries and Damage Awards

Thanks to advances in medical science and prosthetic technology, many go on to live long and full lives following amputations. Nevertheless, amputations are life-long injuries that must be managed indefinitely. Some experience complications such as:

  • Cysts
  • Anxiety
  • Bleeding
  • Infections
  • Depression
  • Phantom pain
  • Poor circulation
  • Pain in the remaining limb
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Many suffer a loss of mobility, the inability to handle everyday tasks or partake in recreational activities, and lost work. The costs of treatment can be immense, and additional treatment, rehabilitation, and extensive follow-up care are common. Other expenses may include wheelchairs, prosthetics, and home renovations to accommodate the injured person’s needs.

Types of Compensation Available

These costs may seem overwhelming, but injured parties may be entitled to damages if another is liable for their amputation injury. The most common type of damages are compensatory damages, which are split into special damages and general damages.

Special damages are specific, countable expenses, such as medical bills, lost earnings, and out-of-pockets costs for medical supplies. General damages seek to compensate the injured party for pain, suffering, and lost enjoyment in life. General damages may also include amounts for loss of consortium, which compensates a spouse or domestic partner for the lost or diminished companionship and care resulting from the injury. Importantly, both special and general damages can include estimated future amounts. Since amputation is a lifelong injury, the calculation should account for the rest of the injured person’s life.

Because amputation patients face such significant expenses and potentially life-long challenges, lawsuits involving amputation injuries have the potential for very high damage awards. As such, a skilled Palm Springs amputation attorney could secure a settlement or money award that eases concerns about the future.

Statute of Limitations for Amputation Cases

The statute of limitations provides a deadline for bringing a lawsuit. The limitation period for most personal injury cases, such as car accident cases, is two years according to California Civil Code § 335.1. The limitation period for medical malpractice is one year from the date the injury was discovered or should have been discovered with reasonable diligence, up to a maximum of three years; however, in certain cases, such as when a doctor intentionally concealed their error, the limitation period can be extended beyond three years under Cal. Civ. Code § 340.5.

Anyone in Palm Springs who has suffered an amputation injury should contact a qualified attorney without delay. The statute of limitations contains exceptions, but the safest bet is to act well before the deadline so that it is never a concern.

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Amputation patients face significant challenges, but there is a path forward, and it begins with calling a Palm Springs amputation lawyer. While a monetary settlement will not remove your challenges, it could soften the burden as you tend to your recovery. At Walter Clark Legal Group, we have the experience and determination necessary to handle cases involving amputations. Call today for a free initial consultation.

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