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Losing a limb can be incredibly painful and impose limitations on you that were not there before. When someone else is to blame for an amputated foot, arm, leg, or other body part, state law allows an injured person to hold them accountable in court. When you are in this situation, help set yourself up for success by working with a respected Rancho Mirage amputation lawyer.

Our experienced catastrophic injury attorneys are leaders in their field who take pride in informing the public of their legal rights. We are ready to guide you through a claim.

Common Types of Amputations

Healthcare professionals categorize amputations based on a couple of characteristics. For example, a partial amputation is when a body part remains somewhat intact or attached to the rest of the body after an accident. In contrast, a complete amputation describes a severed body part, such as a foot, arm, or finger.

Amputations can happen surgically or occur due to a traumatic event, such as a car crash, medical negligence, or an accident caused by a defective product. Someone with a limb removed may have to bear the financial and emotional burden of surgeries, physical therapy, treatment for phantom limb condition, and other injury-related matters. If they get a prosthesis because of the amputation, they need to pay to have this installed and routinely repaired or replaced throughout their life. Amputation attorneys in Rancho Mirage can help a person attempt to recoup these losses by taking the at-fault party to court.

Reasons Someone Might Lose a Body Part

Some medical conditions can increase someone’s risk of having a limb or appendage amputated. For example, diabetes, cancer, and vascular diseases can all lead to the loss of a body part. Likewise, surgical complications or medical negligence can be the reason for an amputation, such as if a nursing home allows a resident to develop life-threatening bed sores.

Additionally, animal attacks can result in physical loss, such as an eye, ear, nose, or appendage. Severe burn injuries might also cause irreparable damage to someone’s bones, muscles, and skin, making an amputation necessary to safeguard their health. Finally, life-threatening infections, such as sepsis, may lead doctors to recommend an amputation.

When the victim can prove someone else made a mistake that led to them needing to remove a body part, they may be entitled to compensation under state laws. An amputation lawyer can help a person in Rancho Mirage understand whether they have a claim and the steps to take to ensure they meet the applicable filing deadline. We also assist a person with estimating the compensation they may receive when they win their case.

Call an Amputation Attorney in Rancho Mirage for Assistance

Losing a finger, toe, leg, or other body part can make it more difficult for you to engage in activities you could have done before the incident occurred. When your amputation is due to a car crash, medical error, vicious dog attack, or other negligence, filing a lawsuit may be possible. Instead of taking on this responsibility alone, consider arming yourself with a seasoned legal team.

Our law firm provides personalized and comprehensive advocacy to those who lose a body part because of someone else’s actions. We could review your case and recommend the next steps for you to take. Contact a Rancho Mirage amputation lawyer to set up an initial consultation.

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