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Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is the medical name for various conditions resulting from head trauma. Many people suffer mild TBIs during their lifetime, often resolved without significant intervention. However, moderate and severe TBIs could have a devastating effect on someone’s quality of life.

Consult a catastrophic injury attorney immediately if you or a loved one sustains head trauma. Depending on the circumstances, a Rancho Mirage traumatic brain injury lawyer could seek compensation that pays for your medical treatment, diminished income, and pain and suffering.

Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries happen when a person either sustains a hard blow to the head that causes the brain to slam against the skull or a penetrating injury to the brain, such as a knife or gunshot wound. Brain cells die near the injury site; if the damage is significant enough, the results could be permanent.

TBIs often result from accidents. Vehicle collisions are a common cause of brain trauma. Sports injuries frequently result in TBIs among young people, and falls are a common cause of trauma among older adults. However, any incident that causes a forceful blow to the head could result in a TBI.

If someone suspects head trauma, immediate medical attention is critical. A healthcare professional could look for signs of a hidden injury and guide the best way to manage symptoms. Seeking treatment immediately after a traumatic brain injury establishes a timeline a lawyer in Rancho Mirage could use as evidence.

Classifying Traumatic Brain Injuries

A TBI could be a cumulative injury, meaning multiple small blows to the head could eventually lead to significant brain trauma. Football players who endure multiple mild concussions and develop premature dementia and other neurological impairments often observe this condition.

More often, a TBI results from an accident. The National Institute of Health reports medical professionals diagnose TBIs as either mild, moderate, or severe. However, even mild head trauma could cause significant losses. An attorney in Rancho Mirage could pursue damages for any traumatic brain injury.

Mild TBI

A concussion is a mild TBI. An injured person might experience a brief loss of consciousness or could remain conscious. They could complain of headache, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, and other symptoms. Mild TBIs usually resolve in a few days with rest, but some people experience symptoms for a longer period. Mild head trauma could prevent a person from working, driving, and engaging in other activities.

Moderate TBI

Someone who suffers a moderate TBI might lose consciousness for a few minutes to a few hours. They could experience severe, long-lasting headaches for days or weeks. A moderate brain injury could cause severe nausea, vomiting, confusion, memory loss, vertigo, slurred speech, and impaired motor functioning. Depending on many factors, some moderate TBI symptoms could be permanent.

Severe TBI

Severe head trauma is a devastating injury that could be fatal. People who survive a severe TBI have significant symptoms that could improve over time but are permanent. Symptoms depend on the injury’s location but could include loss of motor skills, memory loss, inability to focus the eyes, difficulties with speech, personality changes, loss of inhibition, and others. People who suffer severe TBI may be in a coma for weeks or longer.

An attorney in Rancho Mirage understands the types of traumatic brain injuries and how to hold a negligent party responsible.

Pursuing Compensation After Brain Trauma

When a lawyer in Rancho Mirage takes on a brain trauma case, they will start by understanding an individual and their goals. Next, reviewing medical records and information about an accident helps identify responsible parties, their potentially negligent conduct, and the harm an injured person suffered.

A legal representative will send a letter to the potentially responsible parties or insurance companies notifying them of a claim. The letter usually requires a response within a specific time, and negotiations begin. Many injury claims result in a negotiated settlement, but some could end up in court.

Sometimes an injured person’s carelessness contributed to their injury. Under California Civil Code § 1714, a negligent person could collect damages from other responsible parties, but they must absorb the portion caused by their behavior.

Rely on a Rancho Mirage Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney to Secure Compensation

If head trauma diminished your quality of life, a Rancho Mirage traumatic brain injury lawyer could help you pursue compensation. The parties whose negligence led to your injury are responsible for paying your damages.

You have a limited time to act, so learning about your legal options is vital. Call today to schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable legal professional.

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