Hit and Run Car Accidents in Victorville

There are frustrating aspects of any car accident injury case. From paying for medical bills to dealing with insurance companies, these challenges can be difficult for a person living with a serious injury. These issues only become more complex when the responsible driver flees the scene of the crash.

When you are involved in a hit and run car accident in Victorville, pursuing compensation for your injuries might seem hopeless. In reality, you could have multiple options for pursuing justice with the help of a seasoned injury attorney.

Why Drivers Leave the Scene

Hit and run collisions in Victorville happen for a wide variety of reasons. Typically, they occur because the fleeing driver fears the consequences of the accident enough that they are willing to risk criminal charges for leaving the scene. Some of these factors include the following:

Arrest Warrants

Some people live their lives in constant fear of being arrested. When they know they have an active warrant out for their arrest, it is not uncommon for a person to avoid any contact with law enforcement—even if it means committing a crime by fleeing the scene of an accident.


One of the most common reasons for drivers to flee the scene of a crash is the risk of being arrested for DWI. Impaired drivers are often willing to run the risk of other criminal charges in order to avoid being caught with drugs or alcohol in their system.

Immigration Issues

A person’s immigration status could push them to leave a crash site before the police arrive. This is especially common among individuals without legal status in the United States. The fear of deportation and removal from the country might outweigh the risk of facing criminal charges for leaving the scene.

Lack of Insurance

While drivers are required by law to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance, not all drivers do so. Other motorists have the minimum amount of coverage that will not pay for the full cost of a collision. Due to the financial hardship this situation can cause, some drivers choose to leave in order to avoid liability.

Legal Options After Hit and Run Accidents

A person in Victorville injured by a hit-and-run driver could have different legal options available to them. In some cases, the fleeing motorist is ultimately identified. When this happens, it is possible to pursue an injury lawsuit similar to any other vehicle collision case.

An injured person is not always out of luck when the other driver cannot be found. Often, the proceeds of an insurance policy claim can provide the compensation a person needs. Whether or not this is an option depends entirely on the type of coverage a driver has.

When the injured motorist has a full coverage policy, they could file a claim for their bodily injuries and property damage with their carrier. Benefits could be available through an uninsured motorist policy. An attorney could advise when this type of coverage is an option.

Talk to an Attorney in Victorville After a Hit and Run Car Accident

When you are hurt in a hit and run car accident in Victorville, now is the time to seek out legal compensation. An attorney can provide you with guidance as you pursue a monetary award. You still have options to seek compensation. Call today to discuss your options during a confidential consultation.

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