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Even when you are driving or riding inside a brand-new car with every modern safety feature possible, getting involved in an auto accident of any kind can still leave you shaken and potentially with a serious injury. Even worse, holding someone else legally accountable for causing an accident like this can be complex, particularly for people who try to pursue compensation without support from experienced legal counsel.

Retaining a Palm Springs car accident lawyer is important for anyone hurt on the road because of another driver’s reckless or careless misconduct. From helping to collect evidence establishing fault for your wreck to guiding you through the various procedural roadblocks that could otherwise delay the recovery process, a dedicated personal injury attorney could be your ally from the beginning of your legal proceedings to the end.

How Fault Works in Car Accident Claims

No matter the size, make, or model of vehicle they are driving, everyone with a driver’s license who operates a car or truck on public roads has the same duty of care, requiring them to obey traffic laws and watch out for other people around them at all times. Any person who directly causes an otherwise avoidable collision by violating or breaching this duty can be held financially liable for any injuries and losses someone else suffers in the wreck.

Importantly, a person who gets in an auto accident that someone else was primarily at fault for can still be found partially responsible for causing or contributing to their injuries through their own negligence. For example, if someone in an intersection runs a red light and collides with someone else who was speeding through that intersection, both parties might share some blame for the accident happening since both committed a traffic violation before the wreck.

In a situation like this, a court could reduce the total compensation made available to an injured person filing suit in proportion to the percentage of total fault they bear for the incident. A car collision attorney in Palm Springs could explain how the state’s pure comparative fault system works in more detail during a private consultation.

Possible Caps on Recovery After a Car Wreck

A comprehensive lawsuit or settlement demand built around a car crash can demand compensation for every form of harm the injured person has already suffered from the wreck and will suffer in the future. This includes economic losses like medical bills and car repair costs as well as non-economic forms of harm such as physical pain, emotional anguish, and lost overall quality of life. A lawyer in Palms Spring could help a person determine the total amount of compensation they could seek in a car crash claim.

California Civil Code § 3333.4 prohibits recovery for non-economic damages by any person injured in a car accident who was driving without any car insurance. The only exception is if the driver who injured the noninsured driver was driving while drunk or high at the time of the wreck and was subsequently convicted of DUI in criminal court.

Get in Touch with a Palm Springs Car Accident Attorney Today

Automobile wrecks cause more severe injuries than any other type of accident. Unfortunately, that does not mean holding someone else legally liable for causing this kind of accident is a simple or straightforward process.

Representation from a skilled Palm Springs car accident lawyer could substantially improve your chances of getting a positive case result and obtaining the financial compensation you deserve. Call today for a consultation about your legal options.

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