Front-End Car Accidents in Palm Springs

A car collision can cause injuries to you, another driver, and any passengers or pedestrians involved. Many accidents are front-end accidents from the perspective of a driver whose front bumper hits another car.

Front-end car accidents might seem simple, and drivers often think that if they hit another car, they are responsible. However, front-end car accidents in Palm Springs are governed by state law, which assigns liability by fault. One of our experienced car crash attorneys could determine whether you can file a claim to pursue compensation in your case.

At-Fault Liability in Car Accidents

The state uses an at-fault liability system, meaning a party that causes injuries to another person takes responsibility under California Civil Code § 1714. The state also uses an at-fault insurance system for motor vehicles, so usually the people involved in a collision receive compensation from the person who caused the accident or their insurer.

A driver who hits another driver is not automatically at fault for the accident, though the other driver might be presumed to have caused an accident, such as by violating a traffic law. Often, a driver in a collision speeds or drives distracted by texting, each of which is prohibited by state law.

Because of the state’s at-fault liability standard, either driver can try to show that the other caused the accident, rather than automatically giving a victory to the Palm Springs driver whose front-end collided with the other car. With this standard, however, also comes California’s pure comparative fault system for allocating damages.

Understanding Comparative Fault and Damages

The state uses a system of pure comparative fault in determining negligence cases. As established by the case Li v. Yellow Cab Company, comparative fault can reduce damages in negligence cases by the amount a plaintiff is at fault for their own injuries.

This reduction works as a percentage of fault attributed to the parties involved, but the state’s comparative fault system is pure because an injured person can still recover even when they cause some of their own injuries. When the rear driver in a Palm Springs front-end car accident can show that the other driver caused the crash, even if they acted negligently and partially caused their own injuries, they could still recover.

In an injury suit that makes it to trial, the jury determines the percentages of fault for a plaintiff and the alleged responsible party or parties. Even in a drastic case of a plaintiff causing 99 percent of their own injuries, they could still receive the remaining one percent of damages caused by the other at-fault party.

A Palm Springs Attorney Can Provide Further Guidance After a Front-End Car Accident

Car accidents can generate frustration from drivers in addition to serious injuries. Navigating a claim with another driver’s insurance company or a claim for damages in court takes time, energy, and legal knowledge.

An injured driver needs to gather evidence at the scene of the accident and afterwards, document their medical treatment, and understand liability for the accident. An attorney with experience in front-end car accidents in Palm Springs could help you with any of these tasks and provide crucial advice throughout any claim process. Call one of our attorneys today to schedule a consultation.

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