Side Impact Car Accidents in Palm Springs

There are countless ways for two or more motor vehicles to collide. One of the most common examples is the side-impact crash. These collisions occur when two cars strike each other, with at least one suffering damage to the passenger or driver side.

When you are involved in a side impact car accident in Palm Springs, you could be entitled to compensation. These accidents might be a common occurrence, but that does not mean the consequences are not severe. A skilled car accident attorney could investigate the cause of your crash before advising you of your legal options.

What is a Side-Impact Collision?

In general, these accidents involve a collision that damages the side of a motor vehicle. There are two broad categories within this type of accident: T-bone and broadside collisions. An attorney in Palm Springs could help you pursue justice in either type of side impact vehicle crash case.

T-Bone Accidents

This type of crash is particularly common in an intersection. It involves damage to the side panel of a car or truck caused by an impact from the front of another vehicle. These accidents often happen when a driver ignores a red light or stop sign and illegally enters the intersection. When this happens, they often collide with cross traffic.

Broadside Accidents

These collisions are different, as they result from the sides of two cars striking each other. This is most likely to happen when drivers are traveling parallel, and one motorist veers into the other motorist’s lane. While these accidents do not involve the same traumatic impact of a T-bone crash, they can result in devastating injuries when it causes a driver to lose control and leave the roadway.

Time Limits for Injury Lawsuits

Negligence is often a factor in these collisions. When it is, an injury lawsuit could be an option. While these lawsuits could provide a person with fair compensation for their injuries, there is a limited window of time to move forward.

Every Palm Springs side impact car collision case is governed by a legal deadline called the statute of limitations. This deadline is strictly enforced and represents one of the major legal pitfalls for anyone pursuing legal action on their own.

In most cases, an injured person has a two-year period to move forward with their lawsuit. This window of time begins to count down on the day of the crash. When the case is filed after the deadline expires, it usually leads the court to dismiss the case with prejudice. This is a worst-case scenario, as it means a person’s chance to pursue damages in the future is gone forever.

There are some exceptions that could provide an injured person with additional time to file suit. There are also limited circumstances where this deadline is even further restricted. It can be helpful to rely on the guidance of an attorney because of these variations.

Talk to an Attorney in Palm Springs About a Side-Impact Car Accident

Side impact car accidents in Palm Springs have the potential to cause severe bodily injuries. When you are hurt in a crash, you could recover compensation for those injuries by filing a civil lawsuit. A dedicated attorney could investigate the cause of the crash and help you sue the liable parties. Call today to learn more.

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