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The injuries you sustain in a bus collision can become incredibly disruptive to your life. From time-consuming medical treatments to high healthcare costs to an inability to work, the results of the crash can create financial hardships during an already difficult and painful time.

A negligent bus driver could be held responsible for your injuries and provide you with much-needed compensation. While a personal injury lawsuit can initially seem daunting, an attorney can make the process easier for you. A supportive El Centro bus accident lawyer will fight for your rights to help you get the restitution you deserve.

Laws Relating to Bus Wrecks

Negligence is one of the most common causes of bus collisions. People are expected to act with reasonable standards of care to avoid harming others. Negligence occurs when this standard is unmet, and a person’s carelessness causes injury. Under California Civil Code 3 § 1714, people who act in an unreasonably careless way can be held financially responsible for the injuries they cause.

For bus drivers, the general duty of care is to drive safely and follow the rules of the road. They owe this duty to other drivers and pedestrians on the road, as well as their passengers. Ca. Civ. Code 3 § 2100 requires transportation professionals to provide any necessities that protect their passengers’ safety, and drivers are required to have adequate skills for their jobs.

Not every mistake a bus driver makes will rise to the level of negligence, however. For example, a driver may breach their standard of care while traveling over the speed limit, but California Vehicle Code 17 § 40831 specifies that proof of excessive speed is not enough on its own to prove negligence. Instead, a person must demonstrate why the driver was negligent in traveling at that speed. An experienced bus collision attorney in El Centro can help people understand the merits of their case and explain any exceptions that may apply.

Damage Caps and Limitations in Bus Crash Lawsuits

In general, the state does not cap damages in an injury lawsuit. That means an injured plaintiff can seek any amount of compensation so long as it is reasonably related to the accident. This is true for both economic damages, which are objective amounts for costs like medical bills and lost wages, and for noneconomic damages, which are the more subjective awards for costs like pain and suffering.

Damage Cap Exceptions

There are some limits imposed on certain legal actions that involve a bus and another driver, however. Under Ca. Civ. Code 4 § 3333.4, a driver typically cannot collect noneconomic damages when they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident or if they did not have legally required car insurance on their vehicle.

Public and Private Buses

California is one of only a few states that does not have an exception for government employees. While many no-cap jurisdictions limit how much money an injured person can collect from a negligent government employee, the Golden State explicitly allows a person to seek the full amount of damages, per Ca. Veh. Code 9 § 17002.

A skilled local attorney in El Centro could calculate bus accident damages to help an injured person get the full amount they are entitled to receive.

Let an El Centro Bus Accident Attorney Help

Recovering from physical and mental pain caused by a negligent bus collision can be a stressful process. While the financial support of a successful lawsuit can alleviate some of that stress, it can be difficult to manage your case alone as you heal. By working with a trusted El Centro bus accident lawyer, you can have a passionate advocate in your corner to support you, improve the outcome of your case, and allow you to focus on your recovery. Contact us today to discuss your legal options.

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