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Car crashes could result in severe injuries and, in many cases, permanently change the course of your life. Unfortunately, insurance companies often make it difficult for an injured person to file a claim that fairly compensates them for the damages sustained in an accident.

Whether you suffer injuries in a collision on the road or while pulling out of a parking lot, you need an El Centro car accident lawyer to help you recover appropriate compensation for your injuries. Our personal injury attorneys are ready to handle your claim while you focus on recovering.

Why an El Centro Car Accident Lawyer Is Needed

When someone suffers injuries in a car wreck in El Centro, they need an attorney to guide their claim and inform them about their next steps. A legal representative may ensure an injured person initiates claim proceedings before the statute of limitations expires and they miss the right to file a claim; for example, in California, that means filing a claim within two years of an accident. An attorney can also help a person avoid any traps and pitfalls the insurance company may introduce that could prevent them from recovering the full compensation they deserve.

When our legal team investigates the accident, we have a better idea of who caused it. Collecting evidence helps an injured person formulate an effective insurance claim, and when multiple parties share liability for the incident, it may increase the compensation they recover. Providing victims with a better understanding of the compensation they deserve, including all the areas in which they might claim compensation for their injuries, is important to our team.

At Walter Clark Legal Group, we start with a free consultation to review the losses and claim. There is no cost until we win a case. Many people find that working with us can substantially increase the compensation they recover for their car crash injuries.

Recovering Compensation After a Vehicle Collision

When people suffer injuries in a wreck, it does not take long for the bills to build up. While each case is different, and we cannot guarantee the compensation a person may recover, damages in the following areas help determine the compensation they could claim:

Medical Costs

The greater their injuries, the higher the medical bills a person may face after a car crash, and the more compensation they have the right to ask for. Common injuries include brain and spinal cord injuries, fractures, burns, amputations, and soft tissue injuries, all of which may require substantial medical treatment.

Lost Earnings

Injuries may keep a person out of work for a long time after the collision. It is important for them to talk to their lawyer about their lost income due to their inability to work.

Pain and Suffering

A person may suffer significant physical pain as well as long-term emotional trauma, including PTSD, anxiety, and loss of independence related to the incident. They have the right to include those non-financial losses in their claim.

A vehicle crash lawyer in El Centro could examine all the damages sustained in an accident and estimate how much compensation an injured person could expect.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney in El Centro Today

When you suffer injuries in a vehicle wreck, reach out to an El Centro car accident lawyer. Do not try to handle your claim alone, as this could result in less compensation. Instead, contact Walter Clark Legal Group today to learn more about your rights and schedule a free consultation regarding your claim.

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