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A slip and fall can result in serious injuries that demand immediate medical attention, stop you from working, and change your daily routine. The harm you suffer when you sustain injuries in a slip and fall incident can interrupt your life. You may wonder if a personal injury attorney could help you recover compensation in a claim or lawsuit.

Whether at a commercial property, open public space, or a private event, you may be eligible for compensation when the trip and fall occurs due to the property manager’s or owner’s failures. An El Centro slip and fall lawyer could evaluate your case and identify the parties that may be responsible.

The Rights of an Injured Person in a Slip and Fall

Premises liability laws are the basis for pursuing trip and fall damages compensation. Each state sets standards that property owners must uphold. These standards ensure premises are free of hidden dangers or defects that could lead to guest or visitor injuries.

When an individual sustains an accidental injury on a property, such as a slip and fall, they can typically file an insurance claim for the resulting damages. Homeowner’s or renter’s insurance and commercial liability policies often cover the losses that arise from a tripping accident.

When an insurance claim is unsuccessful, there may be an opportunity to file a court lawsuit against the insurer or responsible party. The injured person should discuss their options with a slip and fall lawyer in El Centro. A legal representative can file an insurance claim and attempt to negotiate a settlement, which may help avoid court proceedings.

Who May Be Liable for a Slip and Fall?

Property owners are potentially liable for accidents that occur on their premises in most instances. To prove liability in an insurance claim or lawsuit, an El Centro attorney can examine the slip and fall accident’s circumstances and the resulting injuries.

Scenarios that can help prove the property owner’s liability for a slip and fall accident include:

  • Failing to make repairs or remove threats when necessary to eliminate dangers
  • Ignoring the need for warning signs to identify dangers likely to cause injury
  • Neglecting to routinely inspect the property for dangers or defects

Various circumstances can lead to a slip and trip accident. The property owner has a basic duty of care to maintain and keep their property free from dangerous conditions that may cause an accident. A lawyer can look for the cause and determine liability for the subsequent damages.

Damages in a Slip and Fall Case

A trip and fall can cause significant losses for the injured individual. The person may be unable to work, require extensive medical care, and have other negative effects on their life following an incident.

The person harmed has the right to seek compensation for incurred damages due to their injuries. Damages available in a slip and trip insurance claim or lawsuit can include medical expenses, loss of income, future medical costs, current and future loss of earnings, and pain and suffering. A slip and fall lawyer in El Centro could calculate the damages and seek the maximum compensation an individual is eligible for under the law.

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