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People trust doctors and drug manufacturers to ensure the medication they take is safe and effective. Unfortunately, defects can result in these medications being more dangerous than helpful. An experienced personal injury attorney could hold a drug manufacturer accountable for a dangerous product.

When you are living with the side effects of a harmful drug interaction, you might be entitled to financial compensation. These cases are complex, and facing a pharmaceutical company is rarely easy. Thankfully, an El Centro dangerous drugs lawyer could help you even the odds in court.

What are Dangerous Drugs?

In terms of injury lawsuits, dangerous drugs are pharmaceuticals that result in medical injuries instead of working as intended. It is important to understand that not every harmful side effect is a sign that a drug is dangerous. In fact, there are many medications that are well-known for having harmful side effects.

The important question is whether or not a patient and their doctor are aware of the risks. When a patient is presented with medical options by their doctors that have clearly defined risks of complications, a lawsuit may not be viable. Unfortunately, many drug companies are not transparent about the side effects that come with their products.

There are different ways a drug could become defective. Some situations that could result in an El Centro dangerous medication attorney pursuing legal action include the following:

  • Tainted drugs
  • Labeling mistakes
  • Manufacturing errors
  • Lack of warning labels
  • Failure to adequately test medication
  • Unreasonably dangerous substances

Our team could determine the cause of your harm and hold the correct people or companies responsible.

Is a Recall Necessary?

There is a common misconception that a dangerous drugs lawsuit is only an option following a government-mandated recall. That is not the case. While many people choose to pursue legal action following a recall by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the public is not obligated to put their case for compensation on hold until the FDA acts.

Recalls can take years. In the past, the FDA has chosen not to issue a recall even when evidence that a drug is dangerous mounts. The good news is that a lawsuit against the drug manufacturer could be successful without a formal recall. An attorney in El Centro could provide guidance on when a dangerous drugs lawsuit is ready to move forward.

The Statute of Limitations Applies to Harmful Drugs Lawsuits

Anyone considering legal action against a pharmaceutical company should first be aware of the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations is a legal deadline that can have significant consequences for plaintiffs who do not comply with it.

A person generally has two years to file a harmful drugs lawsuit. This two-year period usually begins to count down on the date the injury occurred. This is not always easy to pinpoint. However, a person could also have additional time to file their case if they did not discover the medical injury immediately.

Filing a lawsuit after the deadline expires will typically result in dismissal with prejudice. This results in the end of the lawsuit and the opportunity to pursue a case for compensation in the future.

Contact a Dangerous Drugs Attorney in El Centro Right Away

When you are living with health consequences related to a harmful drug reaction, you might have a valid case for compensation against the manufacturer. Your lawsuit could provide you with the financial means necessary to pay your medical bills, compensate you for your pain, and cover your other hardships.

Do not put your case at risk by filing it on your own. Call an El Centro dangerous drugs lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your legal options.

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