Front-End Car Accidents in El Centro

Front-end collisions are when the front ends of two vehicles collide with each other. These accidents can happen for various reasons, such as when drivers fail to obey traffic signs, reckless driving, drunk driving, or poor weather conditions. Regardless of the cause, front-end car accidents in El Centro can be scary for those involved. Both short-term and permanent injuries—including fatalities—can result from front-end wrecks.

When you or a loved one suffers harm in a head-on crash, you may have some legal options. A skilled car accident attorney could help you hold another driver or party responsible for your losses. Reach out to the qualified personal injury lawyers at our firm for legal guidance and advice.

Typical Injuries Resulting From Head-On Collisions

Depending upon the range of force, many different kinds of injuries can result when someone gets into a front-end crash. For example, whiplash is a common result of front-end accidents because the rider’s head rapidly snaps forward and back. A head-on accident can also cause significant back and spinal injuries. Back muscles and spinal discs can take on damage, resulting in lifelong immobility and pain.

Further, blunt force trauma may occur as a driver or passenger hits the dashboard, steering wheel, windows, or any other part of the car due to the crash. In such instances, drivers or passengers can also suffer from broken bones and internal organ damage. Other typical front-end collision injuries can include:

  • Burns
  • Scarring
  • Nerve injuries
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Lasting discomfort

An experienced El Centro lawyer could help assess a person’s injuries to determine the value of their front-end accident case.

Relevant Laws When Pursuing a Front-End Crash Claim

Every state has a statute of limitations for legal claims. A statute of limitations is a legally imposed deadline for how long the injured party has to sue the at-fault party for their damages. If an injured person misses the deadline imposed by the applicable statute of limitations, they will not be able to sue the person who caused them harm and will miss out on compensation for their losses. California’s statute of limitations for car accident cases is two years. A diligent El Centro attorney with experience handling head-on car crashes could ensure an injured person’s case does not miss any deadlines.

California imposes a pure comparative negligence model. This standard allows an injured individual to recover compensation even if they are mostly at fault for the accident. That means if an injured person is 99 percent responsible, they will recover damages equal to 1 percent. However, if it is determined that the injured person is 100 percent responsible for the accident, they cannot recover any damages.

Finally, it’s crucial to be aware of Proposition 213, or the “No Pay, No Play” law. This legislation restricts the recovery options available for an injured person without insurance coverage at the time of an accident. Specifically, an injured person may be barred from seeking certain non-economic damages—such as pain and suffering—even if they were not at fault for the crash.

The Importance of Hiring a Lawyer After a Front-End Wreck

Getting compensated after a car accident can be a difficult and lengthy process, requiring in-depth paperwork, investigations, and negotiations with the other party. Insurance companies are not easy for injured drivers to deal with by themselves. Insurance companies prioritize their own profits by offering the lowest possible amount to injured individuals in settlement discussions. Insurance companies often lowball injured parties who choose not to hire a lawyer to assist them because the injured parties are usually unaware of the compensation they truly deserve. Companies want to close out cases as quickly as possible and will ask questions that result in answers that are not in the injured person’s best interest. A proactive lawyer in El Centro will be unafraid to push for the maximum compensation possible from insurance companies in front-end car accident claims.

Presenting powerful evidence can help an injured individual receive a larger settlement offer from insurance companies or sway a jury if the case goes to court. Immediately after a crash, an injured person should take photos of the accident scene if possible. They should also get the contact information of witnesses as well as a copy of the police report. A committed attorney could assist them and collect further evidence to strengthen their case, like expert witnesses, traffic cam footage, and medical bills. It can be stressful for an unrepresented individual to meet the standard of proof that would allow them to collect damages. A legal professional with experience negotiating and litigating against insurance companies could help an injured person get the justice they deserve following a head-on car crash.

Contact an El Centro Attorney after a Front-End Car Accident

After being involved in a front-end car accident in El Centro, you need to be made whole again as soon as possible. The first step to take is to contact a trusted law firm to explore your legal options. A good lawyer knows exactly what you are going through and how to help you get the compensation that you deserve. By calling a well-practiced attorney, you could receive sound advice on how to move forward after a head-on collision and have someone supporting your case from beginning to end. Call today to get started.

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