Side-Impact Car Accidents in El Centro

When a driver broadsides your vehicle, you may experience significant trauma to your mind and body, as well as have to bear the brunt of unexpected expenses. Personal injury laws provide a pathway for you to seek reimbursement for these costs through filing a claim with your insurance provider and, if necessary, suing the at-fault person or company. Going through the litigation process may bring you the closure and restitution you seek, and you do not have to do it alone.

Many individuals involved in side-impact car accidents in El Centro have called on our firm to help them sift through the paperwork and legalities of requesting and calculating compensation. With over three decades of experience and a founding attorney who is a member of the exclusive American Board of Trial Advocates, we could leverage our valuable skills to help you during this time. Our car accident attorneys have a steadfast commitment to client advocacy and ensuring the pathways for plaintiffs to secure justice remain fair and open.

How Can Someone Determine the Cause of a T-Bone Collision?

Figuring out the reason the crash occurred requires looking at a host of available evidence that describes what happened. While each situation may produce different sources of information, photographs of the vehicles and intersection, eyewitness testimony, and the injured person’s memory may be useful. Likewise, emergency medical records may explain how the person received their injuries.

Additionally, the police report can contain vital details about the incident and the wounds the person experienced because of it. Under California Vehicle Code § 20008, the driver should have told law enforcement about the crash shortly after it occurred (ideally, within 24 hours). If the operator could not complete this task, they may have asked someone else—such as a passenger—to do so on their behalf.

An injured person in El Centro may call on the help of a seasoned attorney to assist them with requesting and using evidence to determine fault in a side-impact collision. The lawyer could use their wealth of knowledge to determine what information might be available and become important during the lawsuit. Likewise, they could leverage their understanding of the law to locate critical exceptions and rules that could work in the injured party’s favor.

Does Insurance Cover a Crash Where a Driver Sideswiped Someone?

The insurance company may reimburse the injured person for their losses from a side-impact auto wreck in El Centro. That said, this is not true in all situations, and the proposed settlement from the insurer may not fairly represent what the injured person deserves. For example, the provider may undervalue the physical and psychological impacts of the crash and try to bully the casualty into accepting a lowball proposal.

Likewise, under California Civil Code § 3333.4, someone who does not carry any or the right amount of insurance may be unable to recover compensation for their non-economic damages if they cause or are in a crash. Unless the situation triggers an exception, this limitation may apply to an at-fault driver and someone not to blame for the incident.

When Can a Person Sue for Damages Stemming From a Crash?

If the injured passenger, bicyclist, pedestrian, or motorist can prove that the other driver’s conduct is responsible for the wreck, they may be eligible to bring a lawsuit. One reason the injured party may choose to take this step is because the insurance company refuses to pay them a fair amount in compensation.

When someone wishes to sue the person or business whose negligence caused the T-bone wreck, they must be mindful of the applicable filing deadline. This date—called the statute of limitations—may prevent the person from taking formal action in court if a certain amount of time has passed since the collision.

Under California Code of Civil Procedure § 335.1, the injured person may have two years to file a suit for their injuries (unless an exception applies or the government is at fault). For damage to the person’s property—such as their vehicle—California Code of Civ. Procedure § 338 gives a three-year deadline for many, but not all, situations.

Call an El Centro Attorney for Legal Help After a Side-Impact Motor Vehicle Wreck

When you are hurt in a collision caused by a drunk, negligent, or distracted driver, it can force you to step away from work, spend time in the hospital, and endure days, weeks, or months of physical and emotional pain. The law recognizes your discomfort and the injustice of your situation and may give you a path forward where you can speak your truth and hold liable those who harmed you.

From 1996 to today, our firm has championed the rights of dozens of clients injured in side-impact car accidents in El Centro. We could provide personalized recommendations and help you reclaim your agency after a serious crash that uproots your life. Contact our dedicated team today to schedule a no-obligation consultation to discuss your legal needs.

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