Rear-End Car Accidents in El Centro

When most people think of rear-end car accidents in El Centro, they think of minor fender benders that result in minor aggravation and damage to the cars. However, sometimes, people who are struck from behind experience devastating injuries that can affect many aspects of their lives.

If you are struggling to recover from your injuries, or you lost your loved one in a rear-end crash, our diligent legal team at Walter Clark Legal Group could help you fight for justice. One of our seasoned car wreck lawyers could meet with you to review the circumstances surrounding your accident and let you know if filing a personal injury claim is a viable option.

Common Causes of Back-End Collisions

Rear-end crashes almost always occur due to someone’s negligence. Some of the most frequent causes of these wrecks include:


Motorists have a duty to maintain sufficient distance between their car and the vehicle in front of them so they can stop in an emergency situation. When drivers follow the car in front of them too closely, they might not be able to stop if the car in front of them needs to stop because of an obstacle in the road.


When motorists speed, they cannot stop quickly and often risk rear-ending the vehicle in front of them.

Distracted Driving

Motorists who text, eat, change the radio, look at their GPS for directions, or who are otherwise not giving their full attention to their driving duties might not be aware of changes in traffic patterns. They might not notice that the car in front of them has slowed or come to a stop.

Mechanical Problems

Rear-end collisions can happen because of mechanical defects. Sometimes, brakes or other automotive parts fail due to improper maintenance of the vehicle. Other times, parts are inherently defective.

A proactive El Centro attorney could investigate to determine what caused the rear-end collision and help the injured party obtain fair compensation from the person responsible.

Potentially Liable Parties for a Backside Crash

California law operates with the rebuttable presumption that the driver of the trailing car is at fault, which means that local courts assume that the rear driver is to blame for a crash. However, the rear driver can rebut that presumption by presenting evidence showing that someone or something else was responsible. For instance, a rear driver could show that they crashed into the car in front of them because another car crashed into them, and the force of that impact created a chain reaction multi-vehicle pileup. Similarly, a rear car driver might be able to escape liability by presenting evidence demonstrating that the car in front of them unexpectedly came to a sudden and complete stop for no reason if the rear driver was not speeding or tailgating.

A court could determine that both the lead and trailing drivers bear some degree of responsibility. Fortunately, California operates with pure comparative negligence. In shared fault situations, an injured party could still collect damages if they were partly or even mostly to blame for causing the crash. However, a court would reduce their recoverable damages in accordance with their percentage of fault.

In addition, an injured party might be eligible for less damages if they were uninsured at the time of the collision because California’s Proposition 13 prohibits uninsured drivers from collecting non-economic damages even if they were not responsible for the accident.

Experienced rear-end auto accident lawyers in El Centro could help identify the responsible parties and pursue claims for the maximum compensation possible under the law.

Reach Out to an El Centro Attorney After a Rear-End Car Crash

Rear-end car accidents in El Centro can be debilitating. You might face a grueling recovery filled with physical limitations, pain, and financial struggles. Our dedicated legal team might be able to help you by pursuing a legal claim. If you prevail, you could use the damages award to get back on your feet.

Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about your legal rights and options.

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