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California has over 3,400 miles of coastline as well as numerous inland lakes, which are popular with boaters and watersport enthusiasts of all kinds. Unfortunately, this means the state sees an especially high rate of collisions between maritime vessels and other accidents on the water compared to other states. Anyone who has ever been involved in an incident like this knows how dangerous and potentially deadly they can be.

Filing suit over a boating accident can be time-consuming and complicated. You will have a better chance of getting a positive result when you have help from a seasoned personal injury attorney. By working closely with a capable Rancho Mirage boat accident lawyer, you could more effectively demand the compensation you deserve while also complying with state laws and legal restrictions that might otherwise trip you up on your road to recovery.

What to Do After a Boating Accident

State law sets out specific requirements that people involved in boating accidents within navigable waterways in the state must fulfill. Failing to follow these rules could land someone injured in a boat crash in legal trouble and severely impede any efforts they make later to seek civil compensation for the harm they sustained through their accident.

Any time a boating accident occurs that results in over $500 worth of property damage, the total loss of any vessel, or the death of someone involved in the incident more than 24 hours after the incident occurred, every person involved must file a written boat accident report with the California Division of Boating and Waterways within 10 days of that incident. When there is any injury requiring care beyond basic first aid, a disappearance, or death within 24 hours of such an incident, the time limit for filing a report with the DBW is 48 hours after the accident.

It can also be important immediately after a boating accident to take photos and videos of both vessel damage and any injuries sustained by people involved, as well as to get contact information from witnesses. This could serve as crucial evidence for a watercraft injury attorney in Rancho Mirage to incorporate into an ensuing civil claim.

Holding Someone Else Liable for Boat Crash Damages

Just like motor vehicle drivers, boaters have a duty under state law to follow applicable boating laws and to watch out for other vessels and people around them at all times. Anyone who breaches this duty by breaking the law or acting irresponsibly may be considered legally negligent. Negligence could lead to financial liability when another’s actions are the direct and primary cause of a boating accident, which otherwise could have been avoided.

Specific compensable losses a legal representative could factor into a boat injury claim built around negligence may include:

  • Vessel repair or replacement costs
  • All expenses for accident-related medical care
  • Lost work income or long-term working capacity
  • Psychological and emotional trauma
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Lost overall quality and enjoyment of life

Each case is unique, so it is always worth discussing recoverable damages in more specific detail with a seasoned boat accident lawyer in Rancho Mirage before filing a lawsuit.

Consider Working with a Rancho Mirage Boat Accident Attorney

Between the lack of safety devices like seatbelts and the risk of drowning, boat collisions can be even more dangerous than auto accidents. Anyone who causes an incident on the water should be held accountable for the losses—unfortunately, that is easier said than done.

Support from a tenacious Rancho Mirage boat accident lawyer could be essential to protecting your rights and best interests in the wake of an incident like this. Schedule a private initial meeting by calling today.

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