Rancho Mirage Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

This area boasts a large population of motorcycle enthusiasts. The desert roads offer great day trips for bikers, and the normally dry weather makes a motorcycle a practical commuting vehicle.

Although enjoying the open air on your motorcycle is exhilarating, it is also dangerous. If you were in a motorcycle crash caused by another’s negligence, you should consult with a local personal injury attorney as soon as possible. A Rancho Mirage motorcycle accident lawyer could protect you from insurance companies blaming you for the wreck and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Causes of Motorcycle Collisions

Drivers have a hard time seeing motorcycles. They have a much smaller profile than other vehicles on the highway, and because they are so nimble, a bike might enter a lane and catch other drivers unaware. Many drivers in the desert keep their windows up and air conditioning on, making it hard to hear a motorcycle.

When drivers are unaware of motorcycles nearby, they make mistakes that endanger a biker. A driver of a car, truck, or SUV who does not see a biker might cause a motorcycle crash by:

  • Failing to yield to an oncoming rider with the right-of-way
  • Merging into a lane too close in front of a biker
  • Backing into a motorcycle
  • Opening a car door into a motorcycle’s path

Sometimes drivers cause wrecks for other reasons, such as driving while distracted or intoxicated. A lawyer in Rancho Mirage could investigate a motorcycle wreck and determine whether a driver’s negligence contributed to it.

Motorcyclists sometimes contribute to crashes by speeding or operating their vehicles recklessly. Safe riding requires skill, and inexperienced riders sometimes ride in difficult conditions they are not yet competent to manage. Even if a biker is partially responsible for a crash, they could still collect damages from a negligent driver.

Laws Pertaining to Motorcycle Operation

Although vehicle drivers cause many motorcycle collisions, a perception exists that bikers are risk-takers. An injured biker is at a disadvantage when seeking compensation, even if another party’s negligence is clear. Strict adherence to applicable safety laws is one way a Rancho Mirage biker could help their attorney make a case for adequate compensation after a crash.

Riders in this state must have a motorcycle operator’s license. A rider under 21 must complete a safety training course to be issued a motorcycle learner’s permit. They must hold the permit for six months before taking a written and on-road test for their motorcycle license. The skills test could be waived if a rider has a valid driving license. Riders 21 or older can take a safety course or skills test to get their motorcycle license.

California Vehicle Code § 27803 requires anyone riding a motorcycle to wear an approved safety helmet. Although the state allows lane splitting, bikers should use extreme caution when driving between lanes or on the yellow line. Speed is a factor in many motorcycle accidents; bikers should strictly observe speed limits and never operate their motorcycles after using alcohol or drugs.

Biker’s Conduct Impacts the Compensation Available

This state makes an at-fault driver responsible for any losses another person suffers in a crash. The rule works with the state’s pure comparative negligence doctrine, which holds everyone whose negligence contributes to an accident responsible for their percentage of fault.

If a motorcycle rider bears partial responsibility for a crash, they will collect the portion of the damages other parties caused. When a Rancho Mirage biker makes a claim, their lawyer negotiates with an insurance company to apportion responsibility for a wreck. If a case goes to trial, a jury will decide how much liability to assign to each party.

Trust Your Claim to a Rancho Mirage Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Suffering harm in a motorcycle crash could leave you with severe or permanent injuries. If another party’s negligence contributed to an incident, the law gives you the right to compensation. A Rancho Mirage motorcycle accident lawyer could identify the responsible parties and hold them legally accountable. Reach out today to speak with an advocate committed to justice for motorcycle riders.

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