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Walking around downtown or enjoying a stroll in one of the many residential developments is one of the joys of living in Rancho Mirage. Sadly, inattentive or reckless drivers could ruin a pedestrian’s life in a moment.

When a car hits a pedestrian, they often suffer severe injuries that could permanently impact their life. Some pedestrian accidents are fatal. If you were hurt or a loved one was killed by a negligent driver while walking, consult a local personal injury attorney immediately. A Rancho Mirage pedestrian accident lawyer could help you identify the responsible parties, calculate your damages, and obtain appropriate compensation.

Typical Causes of Pedestrian Crash

Negligence is almost always a factor in a pedestrian collision. Drivers are responsible for obeying traffic laws and watching for people on the road. They must also adjust their driving to the conditions around them. For example, if the speed limit is 30 miles per hour but children are playing nearby, drivers should lower their speed so that they can make an immediate stop if necessary.

Many pedestrian accidents occur because drivers are not attentive enough. The driver might be distracted or driving recklessly due to consuming drugs or alcohol. Luxury and high-powered vehicles are common in the area—drivers who like to show off their car’s capabilities might drive too fast, endangering pedestrians. A skilled lawyer in Rancho Mirage could help a pedestrian identify who is to blame after a collision.

Although negligent driving often contributes to pedestrian accidents, people who use the roads on foot must take reasonable precautions to stay safe. Common-sense steps like wearing bright-colored clothing, using a headlamp or flashlight once darkness falls, using crosswalks and sidewalks when available, and looking both ways before stepping into the road reduce the probability of accidents.

Pedestrians Could Claim Damages for Their Injuries

Pedestrian accidents often cause significant injuries with permanent symptoms or impairments. Even when physical wounds heal, the emotional trauma of an accident could linger. An injured person deserves compensation for all their accident-related losses. An attorney in Rancho Mirage could help an injured person calculate and document their losses to prove a claim.

Losses could include medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, pharmacy bills, rehabilitation services, and mental health care. If an injury prevents someone from performing their usual household tasks, the cost of hiring someone to handle those tasks could be part of their claim. Damages also cover expenses to accommodate a disability. An injured person who cannot work could claim damages for their diminished income.

Pedestrian accidents also have an impact on a victim’s quality of life. Losses could include compensation for physical pain, emotional distress, scarring, disability, and other subjective losses.

Time Limits for Bringing a Legal Claim

In most cases, the California Code of Civil Procedure § 335.1 allows an injured person two years to file a lawsuit seeking damages. Exceptions could extend the time to sue in some cases. For example, a minor who suffers injuries in an accident has two years from the date of their 18th birthday to sue for injuries they received before they reached legal adulthood.

If a child suffered an injury in a pedestrian accident, the parents could take action on the child’s behalf within two years of an incident. Parents’ claims on behalf of a child could produce better results than waiting for the child to turn 18 because evidence could get lost or deteriorate, responsible parties might leave the area or die, and witnesses’ memories could fade.

Consulting a legal professional immediately after an accident is a wise step. An injured person could learn about their legal options and what to expect from the claims process. Retaining a pedestrian crash attorney in Rancho Mirage immediately could shield a family from the stress of negotiating with insurance companies, speed the negotiating process, and lead to fair compensation.

Rely on a Rancho Mirage Pedestrian Accident Attorney to Handle a Claim

Sustaining severe injuries in a pedestrian collision could lead to months or even years of pain and anguish. You deserve to receive compensation from the party who caused your suffering. A Rancho Mirage pedestrian accident lawyer could bring their skills to a claim on your behalf. Reach out soon to discuss your situation with a seasoned legal representative.

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