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An amputation is a life-changing event. When the amputation is necessary because of another’s negligence, you could seek compensation from the party whose actions led to your injury.

When you lose a body party and another bears at least partial responsibility, contact a Victorville amputation lawyer. Reviewing your case with an experienced catastrophic injury attorney could give you peace of mind and help you plan for the future.

Complexities of Amputation Injuries

When an accident causes the full or partial severing of a body part, the injury is called a traumatic amputation. Depending on the site of the injury and other factors, traumatic amputations can lead to severe complications such as excessive blood loss, shock, and nerve damage.

When an injured person receives skilled medical care immediately, physicians can sometimes reattach a severed part. Although, even when the reattachment is successful, the patient usually regains only partial function.

A doctor usually must perform a surgical amputation of the affected body part. Physicians try to preserve as much of the limb or digit as possible but must also consider how the person will function with a prosthetic. Sometimes, these considerations lead to amputating more of a limb to allow for better healing and functionality. A lawyer in Victorville could account for the recovery costs and effect on a person’s functionality after an amputation in a claim.

Events That Can Lead to Amputations

Most amputations result from vascular disease, often a complication of diabetes. When a healthcare professional mismanages diabetes or another medical condition and the poor care results in an amputation, a patient could bring a medical malpractice claim against the healthcare provider.

Traumatic amputations result from accidents, especially those involving a car, truck, motorcycle, or bicycle. Electrocutions and construction and industrial accidents could lead to an amputation injury. Fires, explosions, fireworks accidents, and similar events sometimes result in an amputation.

A Victorville attorney could review the circumstances of an amputation and identify who was negligent. Any person, company, or government agency that did not use appropriate caution could be negligent when their conduct resulted in an injury. When the injured person can prove negligence, those responsible must pay compensation.

Proving Liability in an Amputation Case

When an amputee files a claim against a potentially responsible party, their insurance company typically defends the claim. The claims examiners and insurance company attorneys are professionals who dedicate their lives to paying as little as possible to settle a claim.

An amputation lawyer in Victorville could negotiate to obtain a reasonable settlement. An amputation significantly affects a person’s physical and mental health, financial position, and social well-being. A compensation package must reflect the severity of the injury.

California Civil Code § 1714 makes a claimant responsible for their part in the accident that caused the injury. Insurance companies try to attach blame to the injured person to reduce their liability. Anyone claiming compensation for a severe injury should secure aggressive legal representation to ensure they do not bear more than their fair share of responsibility for an accident.

Claim Damages for an Amputation with a Victorville Attorney

An amputation injury typically requires extensive medical treatment, and its impact will stay with you forever. When another’s conduct contributed to your injury, you can hold them liable for your losses.

A Victorville amputation lawyer understands how to calculate your losses and will work diligently to obtain a settlement that provides appropriate compensation. Call today to discuss your situation with a caring attorney.

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